Jane-Holly Meissner
Another captivating science fiction novel from Evan Graham! The excerpt really pulled me in and got me invested in Jacob's story. I love that it deals with some of the consequences of long term space travel (stasis pods) and cybernetic enhancements.
Ryne Drogemuller
This story sounds fantastic. The way the sci-fi elements are woven together to create this rich technological environment is amazing. This is the gritty science fiction story I didn't know I was missing.
TCC Edwards
Like Tantalus Depths, this is another engaging and well thought-out sci-fi epic. The crisp narrative pulled me right in - can't wait to read more!
Craig A. Munro
An impressive project to follow on the heels of Tantalus Depths. Evan Graham didn't waste any time in proving he's got more than one trick up his sleeve.
Benjamin Gray
Reads like a ship gliding through water, like all of Graham's work. I'm looking forward to seeing how he makes a personal story out of a cyborg war.