Tabi Card's latest update for Project Human

May 17, 2016

So I added some new information to the Project Human page. Y’all should go check it out.



Psst, there’s a tentative funding start date!



Also, I’m going for the win with Project Human. It deserves nothing less than all the publishing perks Inkshares has to offer it . . . including hardcover. Yes, it will be published in hardcover. If that means the majority of the funding orders are e-books until the mainstream hardcover price is set (probably under the current funding price of $30) then so be it. But I won’t budge on hardcover, even if it takes a year and a half to fund.

I am already planning goodies and raffles and cool stuff for supporters. I want to spill ALL THE PLANS, but I shall let you wonder instead. I can say there will be T-shirts and artwork involved. Maybe a robot, too.

We’ll see.

And so, back to working on that first chapter I promised I’d share at 100 followers. 400 more followers and I’ll start to feel good about this reaching full publication whenever funding starts, because each one of you IS going to order . . . right?

So go. Recommend the heck out of this draft. Please.

Anyway. If you haven’t already heard the buzz, my currently-funding project Scribbles has just 2 days and 23 orders to go. You’d be able to read it before Project Human, so I recommend grabbing a copy while you still can get a free book with it, too.

Scribbles order link: