Tabi Card's latest update for Project Human

May 6, 2016

Things are still in development for this project (ha, the pun!) but I now have a goal of starting funding for this in January.  It’s a tentative date, as I have several things I want to happen first:

  • A completed second revision of Project Human
  • 500+ followers for this book
  • 50+ recommendations and/or reviews
  • First draft of Project Human’s sequel well under way/already written & in revision

So if you haven’t recommended Project Human yet, NOW is the time! You will included in an exclusive email update list, and will see chapter updates and information before anyone else. Also, I shall be eventually pulling beta readers from this email list, so there’s that, too.

And now a broad summary of Project Human in images & GIFs:

Psst . . .  I’m always updating my Pinterest board & Spotify playlist for Project Human,which will give more pictorial & musical peeks into what this story is all about.