Nick Scott and Noa Gavin's latest update for Practical Applications For Multiverse Theory

Mar 30, 2016

Good morrow, readers!

First, thanks again for supporting the book. We hope that you guys and gals are enjoying it so far.

If you are enjoying it, please remember to do us a solid and leave a glowing review on Goodreads (open for reviews now) and Amazon (open for reviews beginning 4/19).

If you aren’t enjoying it, please keep it to yourself. Or send a hand-written review straight to us at this address:

Nick & Noa

666 You’re Wrong Street

The Void, Nowhere 00000

Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks!

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the evening of April 19th, when we’ll be holding our book release party/reading/Q&A/signing/shindig/orgy/hot dog eating contest/formal ball/jamboree! We’ll announce the time and location soon, so keep your eyes out (Metaphorically. Please don’t actually pull your own eyes out.)

In the double meantime, check out the first of out promotional videos, where we try out some taglines for the book.

Meet The Authors: Nick and Noa 

Don’t forget, if you’re sharing anything about our book, use the hashtag #multiversebook so we can see it/share it/love it/read it constantly for reassurance.

Until Next Time,

Nick & Noa

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