Adam Rhodes's latest update for Please Press Play

Jun 10, 2016

I just got the latest chapter of Please Press Play uploaded. Give it a look and let me know what you think. James gets his first chance to show off his fighting skills and gets to meet someone we know. Your continued reading makes this a project I can keep coming back to!

I can’t tell everyone how much your support means to me. We have finally broke into the double digits of copies sold! It may be a little slow getting started but I am working on some things to help people take the plunge and buy a copy of Please Press Play. I have been working with John Robin to get cover art covered and wow. I am so excited about how everything is shaping up and coming together. 

I also wanted to tell you about a new character I am working to introduce. It is going to be the powerful and unifying villain. It is an intelligent and deadly opponent that challenges our main characters to their core. I have a couple chapters waiting to be uploaded with this dastardly demon displaying his dangerous deviousness. I only have one problem, I can’t come up with a good name or gender. That’s where you come in.

I thought I would base the character off of the input from my readers. So for the next 7 days, anyone who buys a copy of Please Press Play (as well as anyone who has purchased one so far) will be entered into my naming contest. No limit on number of times you can enter. One entry per copy ordered.

 One winner will be chosen at random from those who are entered and receive e-mail notification along with the characters intro chapter. The winner will get to name the character and decide on gender orientation. Nonsensical and inappropriate character names like Jsk45us or D!*khead will not be accepted unless truly special. After all, if it can get past a profanity filter, it shows thought. 

Good luck everyone! And as always, thanks for reading!