JF Dubeau
An original and rational take on the tired trope of Time Travel. Refreshing and fascinating.
Stephen Carignan
Like all great examples of sci-fi, Pilot X creates a new world for the reader to immerse themselves in and also shows how new slang has worked its way into the language. The protagonist for the work seems three-dimensional and the introduction to the work brings him to life. I look forward to reading more.
Amy Frost
I've been a longtime fan of Tom Merritt's writing and am very excited about this one.
Joseph Asphahani
Not what you'd expect when you hear it's a book about time travel. Trust me. There are some interesting things going on - very much worth your while!
Andrew J. Ainsworth
Anything involving Tom Merritt is worth your time and attention.
Joseph Terzieva
An Inkshares book from Tom Merritt. This will be one to watch.
Brien Shores
Gotta love a good time travel story. Feel encouraged to follow along
JF Dubeau
I was privileged enough to read a draft of Pilot X. Let me start by saying that time travel story are always hit and miss for me. I love them when well executed but get bored very quickly when the conceit isn't well thought out or the concept is superficial. Pilot X is a fascinating exploration of post-time-travel societies. Leaning almost more towards being a study rather than a story, the world introduces a catalogue of interesting ideas. This isn't a character driven narrative but rather an elaborate thought experiment framed in a captivating story. In that way, Tom is a classicist when it comes to science fiction; whereas he uses the medium to ask brain-teasing 'what ifs' that leave you thinking well after you've turned the last page. Pilot X is no exception. 
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
What an epic imagination Tom has! All I can say is, Wow!
Andrew Whitehead
Looks like a well thought out world is being built here. Looking forward to reading it!