Rose Jermusyk's latest update for Only Handle It Once

Apr 19, 2018

Oh Neighbors, today is a day to feel real good about just your being you.

Right HERE we have the narrateme Recognition and over HERE we have its partner Exposure where we do some proper self-congratulating with regards to all that has been accomplished and all that was risked.

There’s also a related journaling prompt HERE in the Facebook group, and the very latest updated Golden Goose Eggs article HERE which sets the stage for what I want to build next in the vein of Fairy Tale Living resources.

For now, I’d like to share THIS LINK to the completely edited and formatted guided journal The Four Gifts You Carry, or 31 Days Of Narratemes, a guided journal for questing the crap out of your daily life. Because today being the last day of the Inkshares campaign that didn’t reach it’s funding doesn’t mean all this work is going to up and disappear.

Nope. THE FOUR GIFTS YOU CARRY is available for just $10 (or more, if you think it fair) and includes all the lessons and all the worksheets plus an additional 25 journaling prompts and special fairy tale boon intros for each section: The Seven-League Boots, The Golden Key, The Wise Doll, and The Threadless Needle.

Which this the very last of the Reader Updates for this project. But if you’d like to follow along with my very next quest, you can do so by following SALLY FORTH on Inkshares. Otherwise, for the next Goose Eggs project, be sure to subscribe The Golden Goose Eggs site HERE and join the facebook group HERE to be in the know when the next egg is laid.

Happy Questing,