Rose Jermusyk's latest update for Only Handle It Once

Mar 22, 2018

Hullo Neighbors! I am so stoked to be getting into sharing the fourth and final sphere of narratemes, The Hero’s Return with you.

The introduction to this sphere can be found HERE and the first narrateme lesson Return can be found HERE. As for the worksheet accompanying today’s lesson, I’m sure it’ll look familiar to you (that’s by design):

Also, I wrote an article a while back introducing the idea of acquiring real-world Seven-League Boots OVER HERE; and, am happy to say I’ve gone ahead and made the first sphere of narratemes from this guided journal freely available as said boots RIGHT HERE. Let that free PDF also serve as a sample of what this whole journal will look if we don’t get enough pre-orders and it becomes necessary to self-publish and sell journal via Gumroad.

Happy Questing,

P.S. Mister Rogers is CURRENTLY STREAMING on Twitch and my heart might burst.

P.P.S. Today’s bonus journaling prompt is HERE.