Aitor Ibarra's latest update for Oculus

Oct 20, 2015

Oculus has reached the first draft stage today - I have finished writing the last remaining chapter! The book is a shade under 90,000 words, spread over 42 chapters. I have been editing all along, but now it really needs professional editing. If it can reach the 1000 pre-order target in 24 days, then that will happen courtesy of Inkshares. If not, then I’ll be looking at other options. 

Remember, if you refer a friend via a post on Facebook or Twitter, you will get $15 in Inkshares credits, which you can use for whatever books you fancy. 

Any pre-order royalties I receive (which will only happen if the target is met) will go to Amnesty International and Refuge UK.

Thanks to everyone for your support!