Aitor Ibarra

Author of Oculus -- a philosophical & historical SF novel that starts in Rome, 1635. OK husband, fantastic dad, reasonably good friend. Hopefully a great writer!    
Aitor is the author of
1635: a war veteran, troubled by visions of the future, enters the Pantheon in Rome. He seeks answers. He needs redemption. A five year old girl, and her female-line descendants in the present day, hold the key to the future of humanity,
Books Aitor Recommends
Comfortably? A dystopia reminiscent of 1984 and A Handmaid's Tale. Except at the moment at least, Mason is a lot harder to root for than Winston.
Steel skyscrapers. Packed streets. Arietta hates living in the Country of the Control. When her death sentence forces her to escape, she leaves the place she hates—and the people she loves. But she’s closer to them than she realizes.
Just when you thought zombies had been done to death, something like this comes along and knocks your brains out.
When life hands you lemmings, climb that heap of tiny carcasses all the way to the top of the cliff. Then run like hell.
Books Aitor recently read
by George Orwell
by Frank Herbert
by Philip K. Dick
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