Aitor Ibarra's latest update for Oculus

Sep 13, 2015


I've uploaded three chapters. With a brief stop in the late 20th century, we're now definitely in the 21st century. It's not quite the same as the world we know... there's something quite different...  something to do with someone we met back in 1635. There's a few other little differences, notably the existence of our antagonist, Alexander Reynold. He's not only an egotistical megalomaniac, but he knows something about Ilaria. And he has very ambitious plans involving interstellar space travel and life extension.

I want to thank everyone who has pre-ordered so far. If you like what you read, please get your friends to pre-order. Should Inkshares publish Oculus, all pre-order royalties I receive will go to Amnesty International and Refuge. See the project page for more details.

I had a great weekend, out demonstrating with my family in London in the hope of persuading the UK government to allow in more refugees fleeing war in Syria and across the world. A big part of Oculus is about celebrating selfless acts of compassion, particularly those of women, so I would like to take the opportunity to highlight the work of a real-world hero - Gabriela Andreevska - a young Macedonian who is helping thousands of refugees. Please support her efforts, and put pressure on your leaders to help these people - not by dropping bombs on them, not by letting them drown in the sea, but providing them with safe passage and somewhere to live.