Aitor Ibarra's latest update for Oculus

Sep 8, 2015

I noticed today that I have the square-root of the number of pre-orders that I need to get published. 31 x 31 = 961 , which is not enough, but 32 x 32 = 1024 which will get Oculus published. So, for each book that's been pre-ordered, I "just" need you guys to find me 32 more pre-orders.

Everyone who is new to Inkshares gets a $5 credit just for joining, so the most pre-ordering costs is $5. Which in London is less than a beer in most pubs! Also, if they pre-order from the share on Facebook which you are hopefully all creating for me, they get $15 Inkshares credits, which they can use for other books, or even more copies of Oculus if they have friends they might want to gift a copy to.

This isn't going to make me rich. So far the total royalties paid out by Inkshares to *all* the authors they've published wouldn't pay more than a couple of weeks wages of a below-average premier-league football player. But... I would love to see Oculus in print. I would love for it to be read, by people other than me!

So given that, I want to counter the egotistical, maybe pretentious and definitely needy act of writing a novel in the hope that others may read it and like it... by donating anything I make from these pre-orders to those two organisations I supported with my cycle ride last year: Amnesty International and Refuge. This can only happen if I hit the pre-order target (750 for e-book, 1000 for print + e-book).

And to celebrate passing the square root of the pre -order target (31.6227766 pre-orders to be precise!), later I'll be uploading another chapter, which is the last of the chapters set in 1635 - next stop is 1984!