Ed Stafford, Discovery Channel presenter and Guinness World Record-holding first man to walk the Amazon
An alluring read for fans of travel writing. Not Afraid of the Fall is both exhilarating and inspiring. After reading this book you'll want to go on your own epic adventure.
Amy McCullough, author of The Box Wine Sailors
Not Afraid of the Fall proves that the combination of crazy-in-love and bitten-by-wanderlust can lead to amazing places—if you're willing to take the leap and let it. Kyle and Ash explore Europe and Thailand with an insatiable thirst for authentic experiences, air conditioning, and beer. Most of the time, they manage all three.
Katie McKenna, author of How to Get Run Over by a Truck
Reading this memoir is like being tucked into a new best friend’s pocket and going on the adventure you wish you'd been brave enough to take.
Michael Haase
Mr. James has a wonderful, enjoyable, stylish delivery in his travelogue memoir. His enthusiasm and humor pull you in immediately, and then you realize you aren't reading a story...you're learning about an amazing adventure that can and will never be repeated. As someone who will most likely not be able to take such a journey myself, I am thankful that Kyle James wrote about his own so I could at least feel as though I tagged along. Personal and powerful, this book is a must-read.
Stephen Carignan
As someone who has lived in Italy, I found fond memories in the writing of James' work. The narrative takes the reader on a journey with non-tornado expert and his girlfriend while sharing the revelations that seem to only occur when we've left our day-to-day troubles behind. The strongest aspect of this book, other then the writing itself, is how the moments and lessons grow organically. Not Afraid of the Fall is an enjoyable work which will bring a smile to your face.
Ronald D Valle
A book that tries to answer a question we've all asked ourselves at some point or another. Hopefully it'll help many reach their conclusion!
Mike Donald
To anybody staring at the walls of a corporate cubicle...to anybody thinking of staring at a corporate cubicle...to anybody who looks forwards to the weekend because their day job is sucking the life out of them...to anybody planning to have children, retire, change jobs, get married...to all of you, STOP!   Read this book...tell your boss to stick his job where the sun don't shine...and go to where the sun does shine, or the people are friendly, or somewhere you've only read about...take every promise you've ever made to yourself about going to see somewhere someday and take a year off, or a month off and do it!  As Tom Cruise said in a film that had mixed reviews KNIGHT AND DAY, Someday. That's a dangerous word. It's really just a code for 'never.  This book perfectly encapsulates this ethos...life's too short...don't live your dreams in the realm of Someday rather make your dreams come true  today!  Buy this book and read it on the train as you take that journey you'd always promised yourself you'd make!    
Joseph Asphahani
Live vicariously through a well traveled and talented author with the courage to Carpe Diem in ways we usually only dream about...
Kacie Davis Idol
I love a good true story! Travel, adventure & love! Check out the video posted for this book! Can't wait to read more.
Matthew Isaac Sobin
Very intrigued by this memoir. I wish I had the bravery to do what Kyle did. Interested to see how it was done!