Evan Graham
A brilliant concept promising inventive action, compelling characters and an exciting new world, with a unique 2nd-person narrative style. An automatic buy, for me.
J. Graham-Jones
Such a cool concept with unique execution, in 2nd person. Meissner is an engaging, creative author and I've no doubt that Mutants: Uprising will be a brilliant read.
Hunter Red
Take some time and read Drive By a chapter of Mutants: Uprising by Jane-Holly Meissner. This chapter makes me more excited to read the book in it's entirety.
Chris Picone
X-Men is the obvious link, but the story also kind of strikes as me as being like a mutant version of True Blood. 2nd person POV is a novelty, and in this case well-written. Bought my copy, look forward to reading the finished piece.
Jeyna Grace
I rarely come across books written in second person - I, myself, find it difficult to do so. But Jane does it seamlessly. Right off the bat, we're pulled into a world through the engaging narrative and interesting premise. What's more to ask from a book?
Zak Standridge
The set-up for this chapter is the every-man/woman/person POV which I think serves the narrative well due to the fact that you're able to identify with Jane/Zombie, thus able to place yourself in the situation. Deimos is a badass.   (Deimos is also one of Saturn's orbiting moons as well as the original Latin for 'Panic', which works well here. Poor bartender.) 
Anniken Haga
X-Men and Lovecraft. Two of my fave things in one book, also with a rather unique writing style, making it stand out from other books I've written trying to do the same. Interesting and looking forward to seeing where this ends up!
Ashley Brandt
It's not often to see a story written in second person in order to make the reader feel more enveloped into the story. This is wonderfully written, and I look forward to seeing more!
Zak Standridge
If I thought I could get away with what Jane accomplished via 2-nd person narrative, I would attempt it. An extremely unique story if you're into Xmen or Lovecraft, you'll dig this.
Ryne Drogemuller
I was worried about the second person, but this is fantastic. The world feels alive.