K M Cooper's latest update for Mushroom and Anchovy

Feb 5, 2020

Greetings, adventurers!

Happy Mushroom and Anchovy Monday!… on Wednesday. I had every intent to get this out on Monday, but I’m finally starting to recover from a nasty sinus infection and, let’s face it, life is kind of chaos. So, without any further ado...

I’m so sorry for the silence over the past few months. Between moving, the pregnancy, the holidays, birthdays, illness, and now being on leave, everything has been really chaotic. Our due date for our newest family member is approaching swiftly—less than a month away, in fact—so now we’re getting everything ready. It’s going to continue to be a very busy time!

The good news is that I have a bit of an update for you. After reaching out to the lovely folks at Inkshares in the new year, I have been informed that they are only a few months away from Mushroom and Anchovy’s production kickoff. This is very exciting news. I hope to have a true update for you in a few months, but for now, at least we have this!

We moved to our new home back in November and have been settling ever since. The cats are very fond of this place and have been happily bonding. I won’t go into too much detail, but if you’re curious for some shots of our updated kitchen and other points of interest in our home, please head over to my Instagram or you can watch live from my Twitch channel, where I do cooking and baking 3x a week (for the time being)—in fact, we’re having an on-stream baby shower this coming Sunday the 8th, and we’d love to see you there! I also would like to add that I participated in Vlogmas this year--that and more content can be found over on my YouTube. I’ve also recently partnered with the amazing folks over at Wild Cherry Spoon Co., who make beautiful artisan kitchenware. Very exciting times!

I have been pushing myself to produce 2 blog posts a month—one recipe, one prose—over on my website www.thepracticalescapist.ca. Hope to see you there!

I won’t update again until production has kicked off, now that I have some news. I hope you’re looking forward to an exciting 2020 with me!

May your travels be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,

K. M. Cooper