dean fearce's latest update for MINE

Dec 2, 2017


It’s been a month and you probably enjoyed the quiet time, but wanted to let you know things are progressing well with Murder Happens. Gave myself a 4-month deadline, now one-month into it since the contest ended, and got a solid 40K done in that time. It’s all revisions, rewrites and new material. When draft two is done, will hand it off to Joan the Editor before putting it into the queue for the Inkshares dev/editing process.

Joan has another freebie for your kindle. The Dolls is my favorite horror short of hers. It’s really creepy. We tried to have it for Halloween, but some kind of crazy life thing happened.

Mike and I are still together, btw. It was tough, but he forgave me for that last minute pre-order that jumped MRDR HPPNS into 1st place…one ahead of The Vampire and the Dragon. He’s been sharing the plot premise of the trilogy which is a complete spoiler for me, but they’re going to be awesome for the rest of you. Guess that’s my payback.

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