Michael Ostrowski
After reading just the first two chapters, it’s clear the author is immensely talented. Vivid and concise writing with a naturally engaging style to keep you turning pages. I'm not sure where he is heading with the story, but I look forward to the ride.
Marie Steel
Love the prose, characters were clearly established in a short time. I was wishing I had a crow bar too.
Mike X Welch
Instantly the reader knows they are in a Noir story. Immediately brings Sin City and Rorschach's dialogue from Watchmen to mind. Which to me, are both great things. Not my genre, but I was hooked by what I read. That's about the best any of us can do.
Kendra Namednil
This book is written in an immediate, strong, forceful style. The idea is entertained early that reality might not quite be the same thing for the protagonist as it is for everyone else. I can hardly wait for the next scene!
Eduardo Luengo
The prose is crisp, succint and instantly draws you in. I particularly enjoyed the narrator's dark humor and his perception on the world and characters that surround him.
Nicolina Torres
This looks like the sort of murder mystery I'm in the mood for!
Benjamin Gray
Dean puts you there. When you read Murder Happens, you can see the characters in Black and White, framed by tilted-upwards camera angles that unsettle you in that thrilling way only good Noir can.
TCC Edwards
I love the forceful narrative, and the premise really drew me in. Looks like a great, dark read - can't wait to see the final book!
Sarah Archer Moulton
Murder Happens is darkly entertaining and tonally pitch-perfect. It's a murder mystery with something more.
Amy Williams
Amazing! I laughed and want more, more more!!!!!!