Mike Donald
Mission 51, is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best Sci-Fi books I have seen on the site. After a few chapters I had to stop...I want to read this in my hand...I will say more in my review...but all I will say is BUY THIS NOW! You won't regret it!
Matthew Isaac Sobin
Love this project! One of the most exciting on Inkshares, as it combines SciFi with historical fiction, centering on a well-known 20th century intrigue. Thrilled to support Ferd with the July pick of the SciFi syndicate! Let's publish Mission 51!
James Rasile
I love this premise! I love reading it! And I cannot recommend it more! Mission 51 is a book that needs to be read!
Peter Ryan
This is a top book by a good man! I pre-ordered this book ages ago. You should pre-order this book right now.Mission 51 deserves to fly! It's a great read.
Stephen Carignan
This work is a extremely interesting take on a myth (depending on what you believe) in which the reader sees the other side of the story. Crotte uses great detail to develop the mystery of what is happening and sets up the two sides to propel the reader through the story. Mission 51 is a fantastical story with empathetic characters.
Michael Molisani
This is actually the kind of thrilling and intricate scifi I grew up with and never stopped loving. Looking forward to reading more!!
Michael Haase
It's obvious to me that this is a book that was written with care. Mission 51 has a message, and we need to fund it so we can find out what it is. 
Mike Donald
This is a phenomenal piece of work. I've read a lot of sci-fi on this site, and what Mission 51 does that very few other books do is make you want to read more. The initial set up is masterful... you're gradually drawn in through the portal of the ordinary world of Bird-Watching... and then, through the relationship between our narrator and the birdwatcher we find ourselves sliding down the slippery slope of paranoia and conspiracy as we are plunged into the world of UFO's, aliens and government cover ups... We learn about the fifty failed missions to a mysterious planet and the plans to launch another voyage... and then we flashback to the establishment of Area 51... and on into the plot. A truly fabulous piece of work by a master storyteller. If you only buy one book on this site for your own peace of mind buy Mission 51... you will not be disappointed.
Jaye Milius
Love this premise, especially how it plays with traditional sci-fi ideas. Great attention to detail, too! Can't wait to read all of this!
Regina McMenomy, Ph.D.
There is nothing I love more than a good space drama! My all time fav TV shows come from this genre (Star Trek: TOS and Firefly). Somehow I feel reading about Mat's journey in MIssion 51 will automatically be set to dramatic music in my head. :)