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Through the keyhole, Sophia watched.  

She recognised all the moves her fiancé pulled. The kissing on the neck, subtly grazing his fingers across the stranger’s breasts, as he found his way further down.  

Sophia lingered. She couldn’t help but wonder, for a brief moment, if they looked like that when they screwed too. 

Blinking, she stood up fully, the woman’s moaning echoing in her head. She breathed deeply, and closed her eyes. The sight still stayed there, burning into her mind.  

For a second, her hand raised up, touching the bedroom door.  There it held for a moment, before dropping back to her side, then to her stomach.  

She stared down at the bloody carpet. The cry that begged to be let out, stayed within.  

Back downstairs in the hallway, she picked up her bag, discarded mere moments ago onto the floor.  The front door shut quietly behind her.     

Sophia stood alone. She waited. She willed the pain to leave. 

In her mind, all her fiancé’s plans were burning. 

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