Author Melinda Jasmine Crouchley's latest update for Metal Heart

Dec 13, 2016

It’s been quiet around here as I transitioned jobs and settled into a new role. 

However - I took the publisher advice to heart and made some edits to the prologue - splitting it into newly formed chapters: Chapter One and Chapter Two. This streamlined a rather clunky opening and felt like a fresher introduction to the world.

New content has also been added to these chapters. Hopefully Eleni’s voice is much clearer and more compelling now to anyone who wants to dive into her story.

All this cleaning up was in preparation to upload the book to Smashword and enter it into the Multnomah County Library Writer’s Project before the December 15 deadline. 

Will update as soon as I hear word back on that publication venue. Hoping this helps expand the readership base and push the book one step closer to publication.