Y. E. Katerina
Reminiscent of the classics, such as American Psycho and A Clockwork Orange, this project is dark and thrilling with quite a complex protagonist. Support this project and take a trip into the strange and horrific!
Christopher Lee
Manifesto delves deep into the human psyche to reveal the devil and the angel in us all. Poort had me laughing and cringing all at once.
Christopher Lee
Poort takes the reader on a tour of the mind. Manifesto cleverly examines the musings of a murderer in a way that is both hysterical, familiar, and horrifying. The murderer feels like a normal person going through the motions of a mediocre and disappointing life. Just when you begin to identify with the murderer, his broken psyche takes you for a whirl in the land of the macabre. Manifesto is one of the most intriguing projects on Inkshares, and that is saying something.  
Daniel Poort
Read this chapter to get the best feel for the tone of the novel.
Betty Inglis Poort
Interesting read so far.
Shawn Furniss
The first chapter, that I read, rolled out like the opening of the film Office Space but mixed with a bit of American Psycho.
Christopher Huang
A psychological thriller escalating into a horror story. I'm reminded of those Stephen King novels where the horror comes not from supernatural shenanigans but from the twisted minds of otherwise ordinary people.
Robert Poort
Excellent first book! While I may be prejudiced it is well worth the read!
Eric H. Heisner
A cleverly written story that pulls you right in. Can't wait to take the whole ride!
Liz Kerin
An intriguing genre-bending psychological horror that feels so fresh and unique here on Inkshares. We don't have nearly enough thrilling fiction that's specifically geared toward adults. It's clear that the author has a gift for characters and a distinct voice that's apparent from the very first page. I'd love to see this project run a successful campaign and get out into reader's hands!