Christopher Lee's latest update for The Lore of the Aos Sí

Dec 7, 2017

The Paperback Verison of Nemeton: The Trial of Calas is Live on Amazon!

I got the news from Amazon last night, the 6x9 paperback is available and will arrive in time for Christmas! You can purchase it here...

The Kindle Version is still available for $.99 or for free on Kindle Unlimited 

Here is an excerpt from the book to give you a taste! 

By my blood, I will not cease my service,
By my blood, I will break the bonds,
By my blood, I will bring forth justice,
For father, my people, and all.
     As she sat in darkness, repeating her blood oath a warm light enveloped her. She sensed the stone draw from her the venomous anger and rage that had entrapped her. She focused pouring her anger, hate, and sadness into the stone and watched as it transmuted to singular purpose.
     “Rage is a material, a material that can be forged into righteous purpose. Create a weapon within your mind, steel yourself and resolve to end that which was taken so much from you. If you do this, nothing will stand in your way.” said the warlock. “What you hold in your hands Samsara is the ancient stone of the Kings of Men. It will show us the way, it will show us the one who bears the mark of redemption, the one who will rend the bonds. It contains the memories of all things long since past. With it you cannot be defeated. It has chosen you to be the one, the steward of the throne, until the rightful body can take its place upon it.”
     His words seemed to cause the stone to vibrate. Samsara gripped the stone. Falbanach spoke to her in the ancient language. As he did, she began to understand the stone’s power. It spoke to her. It showed her the ancient battles of the heavens, the past as it truly happened. In her hands was the power to change the world, she but had to have the resolve to use it.
     “Listen to its wisdom and it will show you the proper path,” he said.
Samsara closed off all other thought. As she fell into the power of the stone, she saw a small glimpse of her future. She stood before her future self. Though her future did not speak to her, she could tell the place her path carried her was one not of brokenness or pain, but of righteous fury against the forces that had destroyed her world.
     With her vows complete and her purpose realized, Samsara sat in the center of her cell in contemplation, forging a spiritual blade she would wield against the forces of chaos until she no longer drew breath. In her alchemical laboratory of the mind, she toiled and transformed herself into a living weapon.