RH Webster's latest update for Lucky

Oct 18, 2017

Good evening, my wonderful and faithful Readers,

As many of you have noticed, you’ve started receiving emails saying that your payments for Lucky are being refunded. Please, do not panic! This is all part of a plan, I promise.

Recently, it has become apparent to me that Lucky’s best chance for success is along a self-publishing path. She is already scheduled to go to a copy-editor in December and to be formatted and released early in 2018. I will of course keep you all informed as we progress. 

Now is when I need your support and patience more than ever. I still believe wholeheartedly in Lucky and I want you to believe as well. Please stay in touch and let me know your thoughts as we go through the next few months. I am all over social media (can’t miss me!) as well as have a new email set up specifically for handling Lucky-related everything. So please, reach out! I want to hear from you!

Gmail: RHWebster.SciFi@gmail.com
Twitter: @RH_Webster
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RHWebster.ScienceFiction

Thank you all for everything! You have not only helped this novel grow, but you have helped me believe in myself as an author. I look forward to continued adventures in the (not too distant) future!

- Webster