Mike Donald's latest update for LOUISIANA BLOOD - A Chandler Travis and Duke Lanoix mystery.

Oct 2, 2019


Hello there fellow authors, 

 Just a quick update for all of you who helped me launch Louisiana Blood onto an unsuspecting world. I’ll get straight to the point. I’m running a giveaway for a KindlePaperWhite E-reader for the next week or so. And as a reward for all your help, I’d love you to enter the contest for a chance to snap one up. It’s free to enter, and as another bonus, I’ll throw in a copy of my latest short story anthology "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT." Whether you win or not. 

 Once you paste the link into your browser you’ll be taken to the competition where you just answer a simple question and you’re off. If you forward the link to a friend, or post the link on Twitter or Facebook, you get extra entries FOR FREE! So don’t forget to spread the love and confirm your email. 

 And there’s MORE! My riddle competition is still running in Bruges Blood, which gives you a chance to win $50 if you can identify the mystery message on the postcard left to Chandler by his father. You’ll find details on how to grab a copy of Bruges Blood in your free copy of "What Happens Next?’ THE LINK TO ENTER IS BELOW...

 http://louisianablog.louisianablood.com/giveaways/kindlepaperwhite-contest/? Okay, good luck with both of the competitions and any questions or problems with the link just contact me at:touchwoodpicturesltd@hotmail.com. 

 Happy comping!

 Mike Donald