André Brun's latest update for Lies and Deception

Feb 2, 2017

Dear friends, backers and followers.

I thought I should update you on the progress of Lies and Deception.

I am done with edits now, and manuscript is almost ready to send to Inkshares. I am currently working on a new cover for the book. Once this will be done I will send that lovely package to Inkshares.

Now let me introduce you to a non Inkshares project. This was the short story I had for the Anthology ; Too Many Controllers.  After we learned that the book wasn’t going to be published by Inkshares. I  decided not to let that  Short Story at the bottom of my hard drive.

I have my short story, Hardcore : Spinning Reels, on : 

Amazon, Google Book , Ibook, Barnes and Nobles and Kobo.

0.99c for the ebook, here is the link for the Amazon version

But the most important thing is once you have read it please  leave a review , as reviews are crucial for us Authors to generate more sales .

that’s it for now.

I go back working on the new cover for L&D  .