Chris Picone's latest update for Kanimbla

Jun 13, 2017

G’day team! I realise pre-orders have stagnated somewhat so I just wanted to give you all a quick bell to let you know the campaign is still on track.  I had factored in this quiet period.  Twitter messages, passive promotion, and other low-reward tasks are still underway while I’m busy with prac.  In two weeks I will begin engaging with my most promising source of support, which is still largely untapped  

In the meantime, Kanimbla has just been backed by the Inkshares Fantasy Syndicate!

We’re also still #4 in the Launchpad competition, although the margin is getting wider.  Remember, top 3 gets full Inkshares publication as if it had sold 750 pre-copies so keep spreading the word! 

Ask a friend to buy a book!

 If everyone that has already bought a book was to convince a friend to buy one, Kanimbla would already be at Quill publishing goal (or very close to).