Chris Picone's latest update for Kanimbla

Jun 2, 2017

G’day everybody! 

I’m back again with a slightly pre-emptive week 3 update.  You’ll notice the number of copies sold hasn’t moved much in the last week (from 94 to 97, I believe, although I did receive ), but never fear!  Kanimbla is still on track for success.  

The focus for this part of the campaign has been on reaching out to some of my long-shot prospects (twitter followers, etc), while I spend the rest of my time distributing flyers and business cards, etc, to try and generate some passive sales while I continue campaigning over the next few weeks.  

At 97 sales, Kanimbla is currently 39% of the way to the Quill publication goal.  If you’ve already bought a book, thank you!  If you can keep spreading the word, that would be great.  And if you haven’t, what’s holding you back?  Flick me a message and let me know!