Thea Tiffany Seifert and Kelly Graniel's latest update for New Beginnings (Book 1 of the Kairos Prophecy)

Feb 12, 2018

Hello to our faithful followers,

I would like to first start off with a heartfelt thanks for sticking with us. We are just a month and a half into 2018 and there was so much going on in such a short time. I had to visit the ER twice (in January) and dealt with health issues which may or may not have been caused by my job being a high school teacher. Though speaking of being a teacher, I recently also found out that I am not being renewed for next year, which was a devastating blow to my self esteem and health. So in addition to working on New Beginnings, I now have to look for another job in a different district. Though for some good news... I AM GETTING MARRIED. Sorry, I am just over the moon about my upcoming wedding in March, so that took some time away from writing, though I will be sneaking in some writing time during the honeymoon. Kelly has had a few stressful months at work due to people leaving the company which increases her workload, though she has a prospect that offers her less stress and more benefits in which she might make the switch. Fingers-crossed.

 However, don’t think that is going to stop us. Kelly and I have a goal on seeing this series being published, sharing our favorite characters with all of you. Every day we have been thinking and talking about Slick, Karasu, and all of our beloved people and now with everything settling down to a more manageable stress, the writing will commence! Our promise to you all is to have New Beginnings (Book 1 of the Kairos Prophecy) completed and edited before the end of 2018. Once we are satisfied with our own editing and ready for professional editing, we will put it up for funding.

The wait is worth it!

Also, we do have a few social media outlets that we update more often with news: