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chapter 1


If you are going to drive your audience from point “A” to point you had better have a map.

That is what Logic Flow is your map to keep you on track, on point, and always focused on your Crystal Clear Objective, from start to finish.

In too many cases, slides are isolated islands, with no logical connection from one to the next -- not exactly a straight line between point "A" and point

Your slides headlines should form a straight line right up to your destination. From vine, to vine, to vine just like Tarzan. lf the flow is broken by a slide that comes out of nowhere, you, and your presentation, plummet to the jungle floor (along with your audience)!

Your presentation should flow from slide to slide just like Tarzan.

This flow allows you to take your audience by the hand, and walk them through an argument for supporting an issue vs. resisting it, for example, going from one point to the next all the way to your destination.

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