Monster, Murderer!

The young girl sits on the floor, crying as she watches her mother get rolled away. She looks to her father for comfort but he just smiles and pulls her to her feet.

“Do not be sad my child. You can get your revenge.” He tells her. She looks up at him with wide eyes.

“What do you mean, daddy?” She asks. He smiles again and ruffles the young girl’s hair.

“Your sister did this. You can get your revenge on her.” He explains. The girl gasps and stares wide eyed at her father before beginning to cry again. She buries her face in her father’s leg as he pats the back of her head with a smug grin on his face. He gently pushes his daughter away and walks out of the room. He walks down the hallway to where he had locked his other daughter after she murdered her mother. He opens the door and sees the girl curled in the corner of the dark closet with tears streaming down her face. “Why are you crying? Damn brat.” He mumbles as he reaches in and grabs the girl by her hair. She lets out a silent scream as her father drags her back down the hall to her mother’s room. He drags her inside and drops her on the ground in front of his other daughter. “Go ahead, sweetheart. Get mad at her. Don’t worry about hurting her either.” He tells her. The girl screams in rage before kicking her sister repeatedly. Her father looks on with a satisfied smile as the girl’s hatred of her sister grows.

“You’re a monster! You killed mommy!” She screams before kicking her sister one more time in the face. The young girl falls unconscious and her father steps forward to stop her sister from doing anymore damage.

“Well done, Elisabeth. Now, go get cleaned up and tell your brother that we are having a family meeting. I will wait for you in the dining room.” Elisabeth smiles brightly at her father’s praise.

“Okay, daddy.” She says before running out of the room to clean up and find her brother. Her father stays behind and decides what to do with the unconscious girl.

“I guess I could move her to the dungeon.” He muses before lifting the small girl off the floor and walking out of the room. He walks down the stairs not caring if the girl accidentally hits the wall or any railings. He walks up to the guards that are standing on the inside of the front door and drops the girl at their feet. “Throw her in the darkest cell there is.” He commands and the two men salute as one of them picks her up and the other grabs the key ring. The father makes his way into the dining room and waits for his two other children to join him for this smaller family meeting. The door opens after five minutes to reveal the two young children. Elisabeth happily sits down in the chair next to her father ready to listen to whatever he had to say, her brother hesitated though.

“Where is Kathryn?” He asks. His father glares at the mention of her name.

“She has been bad. I sent her to the dungeons.” He explains. The boy’s eyes widen and he stays where he is standing. “David, have a seat.” His father coaxes. So the boy sits at the opposite end of the table from his father.

“What did she do?” He asks. His father sighs.

“Kathryn killed your mother. You should hold hatred toward her.” He answers. David crosses his arms in defiance.

“I refuse to hate her. She is my sister and there is no way she could have possibly killed mom.” He says. His father’s eyes burn with a sudden rage as he stands up from his seat and slowly makes his way around to stand beside David.

“You will do as I tell you because I am your father. I want you to hate your sister. You will do this or I will throw you in the dungeons with her.” He demands in a cold voice. The boy sinks down in his chair and nods without saying another word. His father smiles as he makes his way back around the table to sit at the head.

“What did you want to talk to us about, Daddy?” Elisabeth asks. Her father smiles at her before speaking.

“Patience little one. I have a plan for how to deal with your sister.” He starts. Elisabeth jumps up and down in her seat with her hand raised. “Yes, sweetheart.” He answers.

“Can we kill her?” She asks. Her father smiles.

“Of course, but not yet. I’m going to wait a year before broadcasting the news. I have a feeling that it will start something that I am not quite prepared for yet. I need to gather up an army so that we can be prepared for anything.” He explains. The two children just nod their heads, at five years old they can only understand so much of what their father is trying to do.

“I would like to be left out of all of this.” David speaks up. His father glares again.

“You don’t have an option, David. Once the war breaks out I will turn you into a weapon to use against the angel that will attempt to overthrow me. You will be the heroic angel of this war and you will win it for the demons.” He demands and David sinks back again. His father smiles before turning back to Elisabeth. “And you will become a beautiful queen and aid us in defeating the angel and any demons he teams up with.” He tells her. She smiles and lets out a shrill laugh as she jumps in her chair.

“Yay! I get to be queen!” She shouts with her hands raised in the air.

“Yes, but not for a few more years. Now, it’s time to go get some rest. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.” He tells them. Both children rise from their seats, Elisabeth runs to the door in excitement and David slowly trudges behind her as they leave their father to his work.

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