Mike X Welch
Oh, wow, what a helluva premise, and the writing lives up to it and then some!
Kelly Welch
This is very good. I picture Lambs Knoll which is just north of my house. There is a bunker up there.
Becca Spence Dobias
I would read anything Castle writes and this sounds amazing!
Stephen Harrison
Castle hooks the reader quickly with the premise: an alleged Near Earth Object, a bunker, a mysterious package. What would our leaders do if they thought an asteroid threatened to wipe out life on earth? Looking forward to reading more.
Leo Valiquette
Another awesome premise ripped from the realities we face today, by just the author to pull it off. I look forward to this next book from Jacqui Castle.
Susan K. Hamilton
Looking like another great offering from Castle is in the works. Interesting premise, great writing -- She impressed me with Seclusion and I think Sepia will be just as good.