Dave Barrett's latest update for It’s All Fun and Games

May 9, 2016

Hey folks!

Do you like blurbs?  I LOVE blurbs!

Here are the ones that will be showing up in some form on It’s All Fun and Games’ cover:

  "What would I do if my favorite fantasy world came to life? It’s a question every nerd has asked him or herself, and Dave Barrett answers it in a tremendously fun, well-written story of swords, sorcery, and survival."  - Dan Casey, Senior Editor of Nerdist

"It’s All Fun and Games is as much a nostalgia trip for grownup gamers as it is a gateway drug for the next generation. The pop-culture references bridge the gap between geek parents and their kids. Dave Barrett writes with all the joy and love of a nerd who runs games for his kids—while cracking Dad Jokes. The result is a rollicking good portal fantasy starting with boffer swords instead of d20s." - Dave Gross, author of Lord of Runes  

"It’s All fun and Games is one of those rare books that makes you wonder if around every corner magic and adventure await. Kids and adults alike will find themselves swept away into the world Mr. Barrett has created." — Shannon Mayer, USA Today Best-selling author of the Rylee Adamson series

 "It’s fun and exciting to get lost in a fantasy world while roleplaying. It’s All Fun And Games shows that getting lost in one for real might not be as fun, but it’s no less exciting!" — Jon Verrall, co-creator of hit Geek & Sundry web series LARPs

In other news, the edit and design work is pretty well done, so next step is off to the printer - probably some time late next week - and then about a month and a half for manufacturing and shipping back to the warehouse.  We’re right on target for backers to get their books mid-July, with the e-books coming out a little it before.

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Again, thanks for all your support.  It means the world to me!