Dave Barrett's latest update for It’s All Fun and Games

Aug 16, 2017

Hi Gamers!

I’ve got a couple pieces of information to share with you, both about It’s All Fun and Games and its sequel, More Fun and Games

1) It’s All Fun and Games has been nominated for a Dragon Award at this year’s DragonCon!

DC is a huge convention, and pulling off a win could be massive. You can register to vote at awards.dragoncon.org. There’s no cost, and takes about 3 minutes total (your ballot may not come for a day or two). If you can share this with even one or two people (or share in your networks), I would really appreciate it.  Rick Riordan has a book in my category, so the more folks we can pile into the ballot box the better!  Several of my other Inkshares authors have also been nominated - if you’re interested in helping out some indie authors here’s a list:

2) Over on Amazon IAF&G has received just over 80 reviews. From what I’ve been told, breaking the 100 review mark affects Amazon’s algorithms and will increase my marketing visibility. If you’ve got an Amazon account, please take two or three minutes to pop over and leave me a review. Anything helps, even "It’s good."

Believe me when I say that books live and die based on their reviews (or lack thereof).  

3) Lastly, the sequel. As you’ve noticed I need to crowdfund for this one too. I’d assumed the 2400 copies I’ve sold to date would prove the market, but it is what it is. I need 250 preorders at the fewest, and ideally as many as 750 (the amount determines the production run and level of marketing oompf I get).  In the roughly 3 months since I started crowdfunding I’ve sold 66. If you are interested in helping make the sequel a reality, you can find it right here.  As a friend pointed out, when you average in the cost of the first book (between zero and $5 for most folks), even with the new cost the price-per-book isn’t too bad.

I hope everyone’s summers have been good (except for my supporters in the Southern Hemispheres, in which I hope your winters have been good).