Bryn Hagan
Ok, I've got a lot of questions now. Firstly, how much of this is based on someone real? It's certainly interesting, but one thing I'd like to find out more, is how the child ended up so quickly in a special place. Can it be done so quickly? It seemed to happen pretty fast.I've actually looked after a 12yr old boy in the psych ward, who was simply out of control at home, and hurting his little sisters badly. He was incredibly manipulative, but with the most innocent face. This story rings a bell. I like it, despite not being a fan of present tense. Am keen to read more. It's getting really interesting now.

Alex Bittner
You all know how I feel about stories dealing with insanity and this certainly fits the bill. Very interesting idea you should all check out!
Jacob Larch
A direct, straight forward narrative that evokes the thoughts of the protagonist in a clear, vibrant style.
Piper Flint
He breaks after taking beatings for two years and now he must find a way to put himself back together.
John Robin
A thriller about a split mind needing to mend. Sounds interesting!
Joshua Griffith
intriguing this one is. I can't to read more of this one. I work in mental health and I've seen many strange and sad stories play out before me and this one so far hit close to home with me. Definitely recommend this one
Tony Valdez
A psychological thriller! Check it out!
Bryn Hagan
I used to work in a psych ward, so I have certain expectations. Am curious to look into this further. Oh, and the name Piper Flint, what a cool name for a writer.