Emily Senft's latest update for Invictus

Jun 25, 2016

First thing first, I just wanted to thank all of the wonderful people who have followed, commented upon, reviewed and critiqued Invictus. You help keep the Invictus ball rolling, and I fully intend on taking everything on board and doing my best to make the book the best it can be.

Secondly, I have uploaded chapter three. This short aims to give insight into the lives of the various families and the world as a whole.

Finally, I want to update on the overall progress. I’m well into drafting my way through the novel, and the whole book at this point is planned out and ready to have fleshy attachments. This July I shall be participating in camp Nanowrimo, and shall aim to plow through the rest of a first draft for the whole thing. So it’ll be a quiet month, and then I’ll be (hopefully) getting the ball rolling on pre-ordering.


X x