Emily Senft's latest update for Invictus

Jul 13, 2016

New cover!

We have a new cover, and it is beautiful. Credit goes to Landon TrineI could not ask for a more fitting summation of Invictus. There’s a a few things worthy of comment:

-The double helix is artificial. This mainly reflects on the afterlife, which is a thing of our own creation. However the theme of authenticity runs strong throughout the story - in heaven, identity and appearance. The faces of those of the Inner City are a nice example: very clean and tidy, very pretty, but oh so fake. 

-The colours. The double helix is rainbow coloured! I’ll admit that this speaks to me on a personal level, but also reflects those in the story. I can’t not write LGBT+ characters, and such themes feature very heavily in certain character’s stories. Harriet, Silver and Alyx predominantly.

I’m going to stop gushing now and get back to writing. The first draft is coming along nicely, and I’m consuming far too much coffee and confectionery for my own good (even by maths student standards).

As always, thank you to everyone who has commented, reviewed and recommended Invictus. I always love reading feedback, and am always open to contact. Intercontinental hugs go out to you all.


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