I get attached to characters too much... (Heh sorry...) Read this now if you like to get attached to characters. Been a good book so far that I have read in awhile...
Chris M.
By far the most captivating book I have read in years. It took no time at all to be completely entranced in the story being told, the introduction to the world and it's characters can't help but make you feel as though you're right there beside them.
Robert Batten
Enjoyable writing, interesting characters, fascinating word, and a strong hook. I'm looking forward to reading the complete book.
Jaye Milius
Wow, this looks great! Such an intriguing premise! Starts with a bang! Can't wait to get my hands on this one!
Peter Ryan
Right on! What a story! I can see why people are already recommending this book. Count me in when funding starts!
Christopher Lee
An Artificial Afterlife! Invictus explores the minds of people who are dealing with the incredible discovery of a magical concept! I love it!
Joseph Asphahani
The world could use a little more Cyberpunk. Invictus looks like something straight out of an unforgettable Shadowrun campaign.
Monica L. Patton
Certainly on my to be ordered list! A precise, detailed, telling of a post-apocalyptic future.
Stephen Carignan
It's always wonderful to have a unique story come to life, and Invictus is no exception. The premise grabs readers immediately and the characters description of their inner turmoil only further the dichotomy of the external pressures. This is well thought out and a joy to read. I look forward to reading more.
Bryn Hagan
I seriously got into this when I realised Harper was trying to interview a ghost called Mark. All the other stuff you wrote was good, but simply because of that damned ghost scene, I want to read all the other stuff just to figure out what the heck is going on.Bryn