Seth Swanson's latest update for Impervious: Book 1 of the Iron Principles

Aug 29, 2016

Hello, my most awesome followers! We’re about a month into the Inkshares Fantasy contest, and Impervious’ stay in the top 10 spot was sadly short lived. It was a glorious time. The nobility rejoiced and hardly any commoners were conscripted into the army. 

In the meantime, I took a trip to WorldCon where I learned quite a bit about the publishing industry and talked to many awesome authors. It was a fount of knowledge that I’ll be pouring into my writing as I continue to work on Impervious. I’m just a couple of chapters away from finishing the second draft, and I’m already planning out some tweaks and changes that will make the third draft even better! Including (another) version of the first chapter.

I like this, but some possible improvements have been pointed out to me and I think I can make it better. Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

You guys are already awesome, but if you’d really like to see Impervious happen and get your fingers on it, consider recommending Impervious on, telling your friends or sharing on social media. Both I, and the Emperor would be eternally grateful.