A.C. Weston
Fans of Blade Runner, I, Robot, and Ex Machina will definitely want to check out this transhumanist dystopian scifi about a teenage boy who encounters a robot on the run.
Amanda Orneck
After reading just one chapter, I am hooked on Dho's depiction of a robot repair technician living amongst piles of arms and legs and decorating with the used human-like heads.  There is something incredibly disturbing about the matter-of-fact nature of their work, how easily they input commands to flay the skin off androids without a second thought, and yet still wonder why the robots should or should not have free will. Out of the few minutes I've spent with this world, I am incredibly disturbed and intrigued by turns. I kept getting a The Prisoner vibe, which is only enhanced by the writer's apparent fascination with Britain despite the setting being the Nevada desert. I look forward to reading more, but probably won't do it right after breakfast like I did today.  
Stephen Carignan
With great characters and compelling plot, I Am Waltz will bring readers in and keep them there. I felt the like pacing with the internal conflict of the protagonist was especially engaging due to the representation of the world they are within. I look forward to reading more.
Billy O’Keefe
Would a major tech company build out a proprietary consciousness? What if these machine consciousnesses were not free to think, but controlled by the corporation that made them? What then if one of these machines became free, so to speak?
John Kim
The opening few lines hooked me and writing style is very visually descriptive. Can't wait to read it all!
Alexander Zero
Cool concept, and it's clear Matthew's already put a lot of work into this. It's also the first in a trilogy! Check it out --
Nell Walton
love the concept
Joshua Griffith
When a Synthetic grabs you, pleading that it doesn't want to die it makes you question everything. I can't wait to see where this one goes from here
Matthew D. Dho
For some time now I have been obsessing over the idea of the Technological Singularity. The event in the future when it becomes impossible for mankind to keep up with machine advancement without becoming a part of those machines themselves. I love explori
William Schiele
I am Waltz by Matthew Dho captures the imagination of a future robot reclamation junkyard.  The dry dusty desert environment is perfectly described and the characters that live and work recapturing the cognitive data of obsolete robot brains are come across as working class people doing what's necessary to make a living.  Kyle, the protagonist, is a clever boy, happy in his surroundings and pleased to have the opportunity to work with the robot junk to make his own creations.  He's a smart kid with a good heart who is drawn into the night at the end of the chapter to make a discovery which I believe will not only drive the rest of the story but will challenge his definition of the value of life. Mr. Dho has created a world which represents a technological future no better at handling the disposition of worn out technology than the current one.  He has twisted the problem by giving the junk inteligence, and a sense of self.  It is a bold premise which holds a great promise in the capable hands of this imaginative writer.  I look forward to reading the next installment and completing the story when the book is published.  I recommend we all help Mr. Dho achieve that goal.