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Alexander Zero

Writer, filmmaker, follower of the High Priest Not to Be Described
Alexander is the author of
Five college students are selected to beta-test a high-tech, virtual reality facility that brings your darkest fears to life. But when one of them dies, they realize the only way out is to finish the game.
Books Alexander Recommends
I love me a good sci-fi thriller, and Landon hits all the right notes with this one. It's clearly well-researched, too. Check this one out!
The first crewed mission to Mars starts off in 2031 with sabotage, but no one really knows why. The team of seven needs to work together to survive the unforgiving surface of Mars, but a lack of honesty threatens to tear them apart.
I really dig this idea. It's like a funnier version of The Matrix, and Prescott can clearly write. I look forward to reading more --
When two high school geeks find a computer disk that can re-program reality, they hack their senior year and wind up targeted for deletion.
Peter hooks you right away with this opening, and his world feels very three-dimensional. Reminds me of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. Check it out!
When the lines between virtual reality and real life blur, who’s the player and who’s the played? Beware the singularity.
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