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Title: Horns of Pride

Subtitle: The Father of Sin

By: Ps. Elias Johnny

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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12

Although the chasm between the spiritual warfare desecrating the model creation of God, man, and the physical combat ravishingly dissipating this earth is of great magnitude due to the materialistic and immaterial spheres that host their battlefields, it must be noted that their parallelism in terms of effects, impacts, and after-effects are like shells shot from the same tank. Their fangs bite instigates pain, their venom instills suffering, and when suffering has conceived…….death becomes an uninvited but a welcome visitor!  

The effects, impacts, and the after-effects of a physical combat cannot be better exhibited than the raging war in Syria and the consequences of the Hiroshima nuclear bombardment; innumerable civilian casualties robbed of their human dignity and even their humanly burial, destruction of infrastructure laid in rubble heaps as though China’s mining rock-dumps, meltdown of healthcare facilities that hinders the caring hand of World Health Organization from treating the wounded becomes the order of the day, hunger unnecessarily starve the belly of the innocent and deceases bite the victims like the malaria-carrying mosquitoes of Mozambique, and the draining social order becomes like rabies infected dogs randomly attacking…..

Ignorance must not deceive the wise though, for ceasefire or victory in a physical war is not attainable through the state-of-the-art artillery at one’s disposal, powerful stealth fighter jets or bomber Rooivalk Fighter helicopters in the palm of one’s hand, or the most advanced submarine launching a ballistic missile and high technology war ships slicing the waves by the snap of one’s finger. But the most powerful and effective weapon to quell a violent physical battle or humble an aggressive hostile antagonist is the effective usage of the detailed insider information gathered about the enemy forces, generally called War Intelligence Report (WIR).

The contents of this document are carefully verified by highly qualified military personnel to measure its authenticity; this military personnel is highly cautious and surreptitious of this red stamped ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ file primarily because their efforts to use its ‘military treasures’ may be compromised should the document find its way in the hands of blabbermouths. Likewise, the larger than life source who supplied the contents of the valuable file need not only be praised; but honored, recognized, endlessly glorified, and a monument is set in his honor so that his name will be celebrated and immortalized! Was not exactly what king Xerxer did to Mordecai who uncovered a conspiracy to assassinate the reigning king of Persia?  

The essentiality of the document is to outthink the hostile forces by gathering insider information to tame their aggression and render them toothless; to measure their army’s infiltration capability or arrogant sneaking, the technology of their weaponry and the scope of their military tactics, their defense systems or their cowardly Boko Haramic abduct-and-demand modus operandi, the moral compass of their leaders and the attitude of their troops, their behavior in normal circumstances and mood when under pressured, their strengths and weaknesses, their oiled propaganda or bluffing techniques and so on. The primary objective of the ‘WIR’ is to triumph against the antagonists in as little time as possible, with the absentia of civil casualties and minimal destruction of infrastructure.

This WIR report is mostly tri-pronged and its sequence cannot be compromised; Defense, Offence, and Rehabilitation. Defense is prioritized because it is a shield that must protect the well-being of the citizens; the invincibility of this report is weighed by its practicability to uphold and maintain moral justice, minimize infrastructure destruction, and maintaining of communication at all levels of the state rests with its abrasiveness. The ‘Offence’ part of the report revolves around the attacking strategy; infiltration tactics, and most importantly the counteracting techniques. And the ‘Rehabilitation’ part of the document will deal with estimated calculations of the after-effects of war and how social order can be restored.

Likewise, when Satan and his cursed battalions shoots their venomous arrows against a spiritually unarmored Christian; the soul of the unprepared victim will be so bloated with misery and the darkness of Sheol will engulf them like the blanket of worms munching the decaying corpse, the anguish of the mind will caress insanity that will fuel the victim to run around naked in public like an invalid, the flesh will rot while still under the skin and will prematurely lose its elasticity and hang loosely like an old wrinkled oversized dress, the bosom friends and family one has trusted will be like a swarm of scouting killer bees, and the grave will be like a bed of roses one desires to befriend! Therefore, a mortal man needs a spiritual WIR that will alert him of the spiritual war being waged, a WIR that will awaken the spiritual ‘Defense, Offense, and Rehabilitation’ mechanisms established by the creator!  

This book is a spiritual War Intelligence Report which has succeeded in gathering all information about the origins of sin; a sin that is related to the immorality of darkness. This book is about bringing to the light a cursed friendship of the immoral demons and the disobedient chief cherub. Exposing the battle plans of the spiritual enemies of God against his beloved Christians; exhibiting Satan as the sworn enemy of God and those that love Jesus Christ, so that the Christians can be wary of his modus operandi of old and be encouraged in accessing the spiritual weaponry that has been placed at their disposal to stand firm against his attempts to derail them from an eternal reward prepared for them…..eternal life!

It attempts to render the deceitful Satan naked and his terrorist demons found out; who he is and who are they. What Satan is capable of and unable to, his military tactics against God and his techniques he used to recruit the simple ones of heaven, and of course his continuing aggression against the ones God has created with his image and likeness. This spiritual WIR against the devil and his demons were compiled through accessing the archives of the Bible.  

The Holy Spirit inspired Apostle Paul to strengthen the feeble hands of Christians against Satan and demons when he announced the upper-hand the WIR of God has over his enemies. He says the captain of the cursed demons can be outsmarted in 2 Corinthians 2:11, "In order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes" The phrase "We are not aware of his schemes" is a cornerstone of this book in exposing his schemes; giving Christians enough ammunition to outmaneuver the one who claims to be the ‘prince’ of the earth created by the righteous God.

The Bible makes us aware that the creation of the earth was not hidden from all angels as announced in Job 38: 4-7, "Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?  While the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?" therefore, Satan prides himself that as an angel, and because his age surpasses even that of the earth gives him an upper hand against a mortal man. Because the sins of a mortal man against God were his trump card he was using to discourage man to follow God, but his pride backfired after the successful assignment of Jesus Christ to reconcile man with God through the cross! Now it is up to believers to maintain that reconciliation with God until the end of age by awakening the spiritual WIR against Satan.

The Bible is the only source that empowers man with vital information as to the personality of the one waging war against the beloved of God. As mentioned in the book "Recovery: Uncovering God’s Strength From Within"; this book lay bare all that must be known about how he was when created, how he forsook the breast of the one who bore him and chose to be spoon-fed by the enemies of God, his defeated battle plans against Almighty God, and more…..And the one already in the pipeline, "The Hollow Vendetta: The Final Punishment", will leak all the secret weapons he uses against the Christians till his final nailing!

Elias Johnny (Ps.)


"From everlasting to everlasting you are God." Psalm 90:2c (NIV)

The yoke of darkness engulfing this home of the immortals seemed to have swallowed up anything and everything visual in its parade; its abrasive burden was as overpowering as the pit of the dead and was a parasite whose unquenchable thirst sucked out the normality of this unstable existence if there ever was any. Like that disgusting yellowish-red slime continuously slipping out of leviathan’s skewed mouth, so was a ceaseless downpour of unrelenting snow that rejuvenated this dwelling’s cold and pitch-dark inherent features. Not even that shimmering downpour could dilute the rigid iron curtain of darkness roosting on what it considered its eternal inheritance though, for its rudimentary but heavy-handedness shell-shocked its hapless residents and the dwelling itself was like a helpless prey in the claws of an eagle.

And that uncompromising howling and rampaging storm scourging that physical planet of the immortals was like a vampire bat clutching its prey with its sharp claws, sinking both its incisors and canines in the harassed victim’s delicate skin, and feed-thirsting on the poor victim’s lifeblood! The environment was beyond darkness, the darkness that could be felt….felt like a piercing thorn in a soft and delicate flesh of a newborn! Was not that thick and dreadful exodus’s ninth plague that tormented Pharaoh and his royal entourage in the book of Exodus but a scoop drawn from where that eternity-passed horrific darkness is now under lock and shackles of the Abyss?

Illustrating the measure of that plague of darkness that haunted the Egyptians; the author of Exodus 10:23 say, "No one could see anyone else or leave his place for three days", the writer of this passage simply says for the duration of the pitch dark ordeal no person was brave and bold enough to tear through that unknown wall of darkness, uncommon pitch dark beast, and unnaturally hair-raising environment! But the contemptuous and contagiously horrific darkness disintegrating the home of the eternal could not be compared to any ever seen or experienced darkness by a mortal man, it was like a committee of pitch black vultures tearing and feasting on the decaying Amorite corpses at the plains Makkedah who Joshua-led Israelites completely put to the sword; for that rampant darkness would have completely pecked out the faculties of sight of a mortal man, drained out any of his senses of feeling, grinding his physical body so much it partners with the thinnest air and necessarily persuading him to conclude that he is but a wobbling leaf in a turbulent wind that needs to remain attached to the tree lest it breaks away and death befriends him, and finally rendering him as powerless as Jonas in the belly of a big fish! Is not the proverb ‘as obstinately ferocious as the gripping dark of the Abyss’ a sum-up of the basic features of that existence?

Since Oymyakon is known as the coldest permanently inhabited village on earth, Neptune by NASA as the coldest planet in the solar system, and the Mariana Trench the deepest and darkest place ever explored by scientists on planet earth…… comparison, that dwelling of the immortals was exceedingly icy and its darkness beyond measure. Because -89.2 °C recorded at the Soviet Vostok research station on July 21, 1983, is considered by the Guinness Book of Records as the coldest ever experienced on earth, at least smoke can be seen ascending around its vicinity and campfires lightening up the night; but not so in the eternity past, for its icy breath and stormy temperament would have aborted the flames and swallowed up the smoke, and darkness will have buried the unknown fire!

Even though that unregulated ‘pitch-black’ darkness of the eternity-passed was crippling and it’s trickling beyond sub-zero snow would have solidified the flowing blood of a mortal man; the inhabitants of that dwelling are naturally clothed with the warmest coats to resist its meanest climate, premier sight to slice through that dense darkness, and special natural senses and sensors empowered them not to be prone to its environment’s harmful grip. Though the skin of others looks as delicate as a skin of a newborn, does not the thick fatty blanket under their skins a protective shield that stores heat and repel cold like the like-poles of a magnet, and though some are ‘eyes-deprived’ like that peculiar limbless lizard burrowing the grounds of Mexico, does not their ‘spirituality factor’ supplement for the absent eyes?

To quell that monstrous darkness, the majority of those striding along this dwelling are equipped with infrared kind of sight, a consolidated sense of smell to sniff that horrific existence they call life, and as if that was not enough, others possess an extraordinary sense of hearing which enables them to hear the thoughts of the mind and considerations of the heart as loud and clear as a roar of a pride of starved lions to the ears of wide-awake trembling and frightened campers in the middle of nowhere. Some of them are equipped with ultra-sensitivity senses where their bodies emit electromagnetic energy that empowers them not only to know the one coming their way while still miles away but also can detect the attitude of the oncoming intruder, surprisingly, a special few are equipped with all those senses and more!

Like an unfortunately raised and uncared for pit-bull bitch that crushes the fragile skull and skins its new-born puppies before devouring them is the characteristic of the wicked inhabitants of that dwelling of the immortals. The wicked ones who strutted this dwelling embraced the dark as their way of life just as the ticks claim the ‘right-to-suck’ the blood of their host, violence against another and acts of extreme immorality proceed unabated; love for another was as foreign as a womb in a natural male, peace viewed a shameful act of cowardice, kindness proof of weakness, patience a sign of defeat, gentle ones construed as being frightened stray preys ready to be munched, and self-control concluded as a visible clue for lack of guts. This was the dwelling where the soul-drained commit their acts of immorality unhindered, where the insensitive applaud obscenity and the profane are pampered, where the son who mocks his father and the daughter who scorns obedience to her mother is rewarded, and where the morally-handicapped are made kings and queens!

If Sodom’s obscenity was beyond forgiving because there was no one worthy of salvation and Gomorrah’s wickedness overwhelmingly wretched for their widespread sin was their staple food, surely the pervasive immorality of this domicile of the eternal was not only routinely wicked, but the wickedness of the wicked was growing by leaps and bounds. Like that cursed fig tree of Bethany that had withered from roots to branches, so was the seared souls of the wicked immortal inhabitants of that existence. Their imbalanced mind embraced everything evil; their moral profanity surpassed that of Baal adherents who sacrificed their new born-babies in the red-hot clay pots built in a furnace to appease their god as Moses briefed God’s people in Deuteronomy 12:31b, "They even burn their sons and daughters in the fire as sacrifices to their gods". And their lack of emotion likes that of an insensitive Mpumalanga mother who threw her new-born baby in a half-full pit toilet during Christmas Eve festivities!

These were the empty-souled beings digging into their heels to maintain the status quo for they were openly pitting immorality against righteousness. The truculent behavior of these immoral immortal inhabitants was not just an impenetrable wall of Jericho because of their evil tenacity, but was like that nightmarish beast that seeks to suffocate its victim while the sleeping preyed upon finds it impossible to untangle the haunting beast’s reticulated-python grip let alone kick-off the blankets; the voice of the worn out haunted victim becomes imprisoned in the lungs and his silent screams makes him to desperately gulp for air. The tightening coils of the nightmarish monster make the body as heavy as lead and as unshakable as a mountain, while the beast’s wolf-like-claws make it not only impossible to run for cover but the more one attempts to fight back the more one becomes entangled in the monster’s web……

So was the living conditions in this dwelling when put on the morality scale of the considerate, watchful, and analytical eyes of the Holy Righteous Royalties; the only inhabitants of this dwelling who had chosen goodwill over evil, the only ones with the balanced mind which embraced the morality and forsook wickedness, the personalities with the knowledge of right and wrong, and a community with the emotion that hungered for a sensitive-souled existence.

In that world of the eternal, the special dwelling of the Righteous Royalties was known as the source of light to the original demons, for its brilliance was as hard a pill to swallow as sunrise is to the darkest night. Their dwelling was a contradiction to the eternity-passed dwelling; it was like a spring of fresh waters in the middle of a driest and cruelest stretched out dessert! Though the light was like Daniel in the den of lions and enveloped by the dark as the skies covers the earth and like, its coolest breeze and its sweetest aroma penetrated the darkest dark like Jesus Christ led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil, and as the bible confirms in Matthew 4:11, "Then the devil (dark) left (fled from) him."  

The home of the righteous ones was like an island in the middle of that enormous eternity-passed dwelling, like a lamp on a mountaintop and as a "city on a hill"; it was noticeable by the sparkling-shine that the dark desisted from even attempting to challenge, for even that iron-curtain of darkness retreated before it for it pushed the dark to a limit and the dark covered wickedness in that limit. It was the evident thickness of light that it was on the verge of bursting and chase away the dark, so the wicked eternal beings shied as far from the established house of the righteous as possible.  The unknown flames of fire were rumored to be forever burning in their presence and the tale of their holiness of unequaled power was foretold among the wicked!    

Since both the righteous that desire good and act holy, and the wicked that delight in immoral behaviors and actions co-existed in that godforsaken dwelling; this was an unhealthy concurrence that encouraged the Righteous Royalties to desire to redesign and overhaul that model of coexistence. To establish a new era, an era that will elicit optimism among the peace-loving inhabitants, an era that will expose evil perpetrated in the dark and eradicate the immorality entrenched by the wicked! Can righteousness have fellowship with wickedness, love, and hatred become intimate with each other, and kindness and cruelty agree on a peace-treaty?

To the sympathetic statistician though, not only was it going to be an uphill battle for the minority Righteous Royalties to accomplish the ‘the era of good hope’ if the numbers were anything to go by. But the unwise statistician would even have bet his life that immorality would crush righteousness! According to the unhidden evidence of immorality, one who lacks knowledge of the holy ones would have ascertained that the odds were stacked up against the holy ones. But the patient Righteous Royalties were preaching repentance to the stone-cold souls of the wicked, for they believed that punishment should only be meted out to the unrepentant.

Irrespective of whatever the wicked spiritual beings believed, the Righteous Royalties known to be the enemies of the dark and wickedness of the wicked tirelessly interceded for peaceful co-existence, kindness, love, and goodness. The sermon rebuking the immoral immortal inhabitants of the then to the sinners of the present generation is still the same as can be seen in Matthew 4:17 "From that time on Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near’" Is Jesus Christ not the Righteous Royalty of the then as he is the Holy God of the now? The decision was taken, it was now up to the sinners to choose their destination, for the atoned dwelling which would only accommodate the repentant was about to be established! As it is incumbent on mortal man today to repent and be credited citizens of heaven, so the obligation rested on the wicked immortals to qualify as members of the anticipated order!

It was well-known even in that hornet’s nest of immorality, that even though their Almighty wrath had not yet been tasted…..the Righteous Royalties were the invincible spiritual inhabitants of the eternity-passed. Though none of the inhabitants of that dwelling had had the pleasure of physically seeing them as it was rumored that only the righteous are allowed in their presence, encountered since their behavior and actions were unheard-of among the wicked, or even spoken to because their way of communication was known to be with the inner-being of those they chose to proclaim goodwill to; it was a common knowledge about the power of their Word which was sharper than any double-edged sword that can penetrate the soul, spirit, and heart. Though unrepentant, all the wicked inhabitants of the eternity-passed have experienced that sword-like rebuke in their inner-being when their intentions and actions were wicked but they have all considered it intrusion; they knew where it came from and they spurned it, and they considered it an attempt to colonize their soul. Belial hated them as the dark hate the light, and Anāthema scorned them as a hooker hates a client who takes a century to ejaculate.        

Ignorance should not cloud anyone’s judgment; for all spiritual beings have distinct bodies that cannot be hidden from their kind or be disguised to fool their clans. Spirituality does not necessarily mean unphysical or ghostly, but revealing their materialistic bodies is under license, that is, either a special permission is granted to a mortal to feed their eyes on the genuine physicality of a spiritual being or allowed to see a form in which a spiritual being has manifested into. Though spiritual, it must be stressed, keeping both their physical bodies and spiritual independence is as important as a nest is to a bird preparing to lay eggs. A genuine physical body of a spiritual being is for identity and manifestations just a proof of existing spiritual being in the midst. From since Moses was called to the ministry of leadership while still shepherding the flock of his father-in-law Jethro the Midian priest to spending forty days and forty nights at Mount Sinai in the presence of God, he thought he had seen all and done all but one……to see God, a physical image of God…..

He had been fascinated by the angel of God manifested in flames of fire that does not burn the bush and the cloud-navigator who guided the Israelites through the wilderness, saw with his naked eyes the power of God as he sliced the great sea in halves to create a desert in the middle of the waters for his chosen people to pass through, to the spring of waters gushing from the rock as though Kariba dam has defied its boundaries and flooded the surrounding, and had experienced the wrath of God from when Zipporah his wife acted with haste to save his life by circumcising Gershom his son to when the prophetess Miriam was struck with leprosy because of her demeaning gossip.

Moses felt somehow he was now qualified and ready to see the genuine physical image of God, to look him in the eye and thank him for guiding his people Israel through thick and thin. And God replies to his request in Exodus 33:20-23, "you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live…..I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by. Then I will remove my hand and you will see my back, but my face must not be seen." In this scripture God does not put the notion that he has a physical image under the carpet or even attempt manifesting in a form that will be readily acceptable to Moses; in fact, he agrees that he has a physical body and a face that cannot be seen because if seen, the unholy will die! If God has a physical image, how then can a mortal say the inferior eternity passed demons or even the created angels has no physical structures?  They surely have!    

The spiritual factor of those beings cannot be dispelled though, for their visibility to those who do not belong is a choice, and noticing the manner in which they poach and possess a host is only visible through the spiritual eyes.....for unbelief blindfolds the physical eyes of a mortal man to confine his sight only to the physical, while the spiritual eyes are privileged by faith to slice through the spiritual realm and even comprehend the extent of what their special vision. Did not the donkey of Balaam see the angel of God wielding a sword against its spiritually blind unbelieving master? The angel of God raises the dire significance for even a mortal man to be equipped with spiritual eyes in Numbers 23:33, "The donkey saw me (and you did not!), and turned away from me these three times. If she had not turned away, I would certainly have killed you by now, but would have spared her."  

Those immoral immortals were expert camouflages….the dodgy wicked demons of the eternity-passed used their special talents to randomly and violently attack and commit heinous acts against their own kind. They violently charged against whatever they considered enemies of the dark and even birthed immoral cartel to disparage the righteous; their besieging predatory maneuvers to maintain the wicked anarchic state in that dwelling is like an AK-47 in the hand of crazy-old-soldier, and a fierce ‘survival of the fittest’ spirit-colonization war stinging this planet of the eternal is a platform where they raise the stakes to exalt their spirituality.

The Righteous Royalties did not have to disguise themselves in any way though, for their Word filtered through the souls of the wicked inhabitants to warn them of impending danger, a danger that will lead the unrepentant being exiled from the reimagined eternity-passed dwelling, a danger that will push them to eternal annihilation; for the dark was to be crushed and wickedness trampled upon, the dwelling refashioned and the all inhabitants to be spiritually reborn in line with the new order, groomed and nurtured to qualify to be the new citizens of the refurbished holy habitat of the righteous.  

While it is true that demons are disobedient angels exiled from the dwelling of God, it is a fact that the wicked immortals of the eternity-passed are original demons. While Satan and the fallen angels can be regarded as guardians of all that is evil; the unbalanced souls of those immoral eternity-passed inhabitants, their hollow emotion, and inharmonious will, made them evils. Was not that stubborn, deaf and mute demonic spirit who defied Jesus Christ disciple’s rebuke to release the boy she possessed in Mark 9 a wondering demon from the eternity-passed?

Unlike the demonic "fallen angels" who know they do not belong; the original demons from the eternity-passed assume total control of their host, and their principle is to ‘take all or go home’. When the disciples of Jesus Christ were embarrassed by not being able to cast her out, the Righteous One consoles them and exposes the source of her aggression in Mark 9: 29, "This kind can only come out by prayer." By prayer, the Righteous One meant assuming a full measure of faith; a faith where the exorcism of this kind of demonic spirit is totally unclothed of their human spiritual blemishes and clothed with the perfect spirit of God…..the Eternal Light! Is it not the Eternal Light who swept them like garbage from that dwelling of old and blew them into the oblivion?

The fire of anarchy was fueled by the war among the wicked to champion wickedness, dominate all spiritual beings inhabiting the eternity-passed, lording-it-over their counterparts, and ultimately ruling over the dwelling; is that not exactly what the ungodly are doing by arousing their un-taunted savage hatred and Cain rage against Christians around the world where decency and morality is in short supply? It was as though the wicked compete on who has the most immoral name that sends shivers down the spine of others since a name in that dwelling was as important as the immortal owning the name. Their names reflected on their way of life; the manner in which they relate to other inhabitants, the manifestation of their power, their addictive behaviors, and of course their sizes. Does not Belial mean worthlessness just as that demon treated others as having no reason to exist, and does not the name Anāthema reflect the un-wishful venomous character of the queen demon?    

It is a fact that where there is a carnivore there is an ample prey and a green forest is a treat to herbivores, so is the abundance of staple to spoil the appetite of the immortals; from small and medium prey that trotted to and fro in the dark to large and astronomical carefree ones stubbornly scanning the area as they strolled about as though contestants in a beauty pageant, to a sparse brownish-yellow leaved forests that seemed to have befriended the cold and the darkness of the eternity-passed. All animals are equipped with instinct; adrenaline does not have to kick in for this innate quality to be awakened in animals striding this dwelling, for as the eye is so it is…..only invisible to the naked eye. Instinct empowers all animals not only to feel danger coming their way but to see danger coming their way. Even within that thick darkness, they would vividly see an invisible spirit of a wicked immortal crouching and attack them.  

Did not the dinosaurs, giant-beak eagles, stalking-serpents, and leviathans among those who originate from that age? Contrary to stories of their extinction on planet earth, they gradually died over the years as a result of not being able to adapt to the environment and atmosphere of planet earth and certainly of being unable to carry the wicket spirits from the eternity-passed possessing them! Those animals were not immortals, but animals with enormous strengths to defend themselves against the wicked immortals of the eternity-passed who pried on their spirits. A lot of those gentle giants were victims of wicket wondering demons that turned them into notoriously aggressive beasts.

Different animals seemed to be oblivious of unblinking treacherous predatory eyes of immortal hunters staring at them from their caves. While some prey strolled quietly in gangs along what sounded like a rapidly flowing stream; other immortal inhabitants were icily observing their quarry as though shepherds counting their flock. Though most of the larger, stronger, devious, smarter and craftier immortal inhabitants preferred to be quiet when hunting, some smaller immortals who, like the South African "parliamentary red-overall ants", seemed to like making a lot of noise just to get attention. These noise mongers were greatly despised by other immortals since they were alerting the prey of imminent danger.      

But the food of the immortal is not as human food or their drink a mortal drink, for they did not consume food like a mortal or drank a drink of the dying. While the Righteous Royalties are satisfied by the fragrance of their garden, the scent of flowers before them, and the aroma of burnt fats of clean prey whose lifeblood has been completely drained out…..the starving bellies of the wicked cannibalistic immoral immortals are satisfied by extracting the spirit of prey as one sip a liquid from a container until that prey loses its vitality and becomes as stiff as a corpse, and insufflating the moisture of a plant ‘till it totally and permanently dries up! Their greedy gluttony cheated the dwelling of reproducing and the landscape from developing.

The depraved prying spiritual being would scout the area, crouch to size up the prey, and attack to seize the desired prey; their invisible spiritual manner of clinching prey was like that of a cowboy’s lasso thrown around the neck of cattle to restrain its movement but gradually becoming as cruelly tight as a python’s grip. And when the stunned is safely wrapped up, then a spirit of the hunter which is like a mammoth swarm of black flies in that pitch dark environment would then sneak into respiratory openings of that prey like a snake arrogantly taking over a rodent hole, and when it has finished sucking the spirit of its host, it exits the body of prey……and the victim will fall to its eternal sleep. The carcass will then be stored in a carnivore’s shelter, after time, the decaying stench of the dead prey will be a pleasing aroma to the wicket hunter.

Time was as significant as sex in a flourishing marriage even in that home of the immortals, it must be noted that it was not as uniform as the present universe experience it though; not only because it had no natural celestial objects that separate day from evening, but because each immortal of the eternity-passed determined time according to the combination of happenings that affects its way of life. The combination to measured time may include among others; the duration the other sleeps, their appetite or appetite of others, their sexual-starvation circles, the smell or sound of others as they hunt, and many other happenings that affected their well-being. Since humility was the as non-existent character in the wicked immortals as the truth is to Satan, the wellbeing of others was not ever considered in measuring time, therefore each immortal measured time according to happenings that affected its own wellbeing.

Is not time also part of the human body? Does not even the obvious human action like answering a call of nature also follows a fixed time in a healthy human? Going to the toilet more frequently than usual or not going at all may be a symptom of serious underlying illnesses. Will not a sober-minded person wake-up every morning almost at a regular time without even looking at the clock? Mostly considering the clock is just to confirm that one woke up at the right time! When the stomach growl, does not one automatically know it is time to eat? Also in that existence, time was like wired in their bodies!

While other large terroristic immortals slept for a number of years if measured by the earth’s uniform time and wake to violate and harass others for a particular systematic period, those who were intimidated by the stronger wicket immortals would know when to look for a safer place to hide until the time the cannibalistic immortal sleep again. Measuring time was not just instinct or intuition; if a particular being adopted a particular mode to measure time, then that mode became part of its life just as snow is to winter and food is to a hungry tummy.

But the eternally awake Mighty Righteous Royalties were different in measuring time though, they measured it both by wisdom and knowledge which has been, is and will be their character from that existence of old, to the present and to the forth-coming eternity. Their deity is characterized by truthfulness, flawlessness, purity, sanctity, and their harmonic relation to each other was like the smoke in the eyes of the wicket of that home of the undying.  

The ‘spirit colonization’ battle perpetuated by the wicked immortals against their fellow wicked immortals was a scourge that caused the extinction of others over time and brought a major imbalance in the eternity-passed, were not even prey now outnumbering the immortals? This ‘spirit colonization’ battle was not as depicted by fictitious immortals called vampires drinking human blood for survival or in other movies where immortals die as a result of being exposed to light or being beheaded by a sword, are these not only fantasy fictions? For the arrogant bullying and wicked immortals of the eternity-passed became like cannibals; prying on the spirit of fellow immortals as though prey, saddling the tamed and stunned weaker immortal spirits to prepare them as horses for war, and confining them to impossible stalls where they wouldn’t dare escape!    

As it can clearly be seen in the Bible, the universal law of God states that the spirits of mortals who die are kept in two pre-determined places; the Sacred Writings in Luke 16: 22-23 says in their death, the spirit of the righteous is taken by angels to a place of rest until the day of judgment when they will be risen to receive eternal life while the spirit of the wicked is confined in hell to await their final judgment of being thrown in the lake of burning sulphur to be tormented forever and ever.

Since "fallen-angels" demons; those cursed immortal spiritual beings exiled from heaven seek a human-host to imprison, that is, possess the living human. These spiritual beings cannot possess a dead mortal; if the host dies, they quickly eject themselves from that host to seek a new host. They choose humans as hosts because that is the only way open to them to wage war against God’s creations and the One who exiled them. A "fallen-angels" demonic spirit is like a captain of a battalion, it does not just attack without contemplating, scouting and plotting. It must be borne to mind that demonic spirits do not plot to temporarily possess a human…….their wicked plot is to establish a home within the soul of the host until the host succumb and die or at least until the end of times comes.

They will possess the one who fits their immediate and ongoing plot as recorded in the book "The Hollow Vendetta: The Final Punishment". Though they have an imbalanced mind, the demons plan and strategize; they talk so that they can influence their target to think and act in accordance with their desired plans, and listen in order to craftily refute the truth one knows. Just as the South African apartheid government employed the services of Craig "the devil" Williamson to keep the banner of apartheid flying, so did Satan possess a serpent that the Lord created in order to poison the first inhabitants of the Garden of Eden to disobey God. Does not the book "The Hollow Vendetta: The Final Punishment" characterizes the most vulnerable humans who perfectly fit their prospective aims?

The body of the serpent was relevant to his plot because the Sacred Writings say in Genesis 3:1, "Now the serpent was craftier than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made." Could Osama bin Laden have selected a monk to lead his terrorist attacks on that fateful-Tuesday of September 11 when the unsuspecting peace-loving people were going about their business? Satan will also choose the crafty to deceive the smart and the ‘prophets’ to pounce on the party of believers as God says in Matthew 24:24, "For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect-if that were possible."  

The demons know they are immortals and are very much aware that their time for their eternal punishment has not come yet, that is why when Jesus Christ met the two demons possessed men in Matthew 8:29b, the ragged voices of demons possessing them shattered the vocal cords of their hosts when they boldly said "Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?"  

But when a demonic spirit possessing a human has exorcised it becomes restless, confused, powerless, obsolete, frightened and weak. The Righteous One says in Matthew 12:43, "When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it"; because without a physical body and the soul to imprison they are not able to deceive and kill! Just as a fish needs water to swim in for its survival, so the "fallen demon" requires a living body to execute its evil intentions. Can a corpse be enlisted to accomplish a mission or be commanded to address the assembly of living? Just as a warrior needs a horse to ride so the demons need humans to scourge!    

A demonic spirit without a physical body and living soul to imprison is simply like a car stripped of its engine. A good example of their vulnerability when they do not have a body or have been driven out of the body they imprisoned is noticeable in Matthew 8: 31, the demons begged Jesus, "If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs." Instead of being reckless wondering spirits they would settle for any physical body! Their power is in their spirits, but to exercise their power they need a host.

That kind of war against the model creation of God by "fallen angels" is called demon possession, not a ‘spirit colonization’ war that culminated among the original demons against their kind! But like the "fallen angels", the original demons if they lost their distinct bodies because of a botched ‘spirit colonization’ attempt, their spirits became confused and frightened wondering demons. The power of these immortal inhabitants is in their bodies just as the power of Samson was in his hair. Just as Samson became the prisoner of the Philistines when his hair was shaved, also either an oppressed spirit voluntarily or involuntarily becomes the prisoner of the immortal oppressing him/her or becomes a powerless wonderer! Like the "fallen demons", a wondering original demon needed an adequate host in order to exercise its wicked influence or power, but when he is desperate and in a tight corner, he will accept any available host for their survival; like dragons, leviathans or any other animal that fits their plot.

In the eternity-passed existence, the ‘spirit colonization’ occurred when a spirit of a weaker immortal was humbled and held captive by a stronger devious one and made its subject. It was called ‘spirit colonization’ because the humbled spirit would be persuaded, manhandled, and carried into exile into the body of the oppressing immortal as a prisoner, servant, and slave. It was like the case of Babylon invading and besieging Jerusalem as prophesied by the prophet Jeremiah in the Old Testament, only never escaping from the claws of the enemy!

The process of ‘colonization’ was complex and dangerous; to be able to persuade an immortal to submit to a fellow immortal who has the same unlimited lifespan was as unthinkable as a lion attempting to attack the great white shark in the oceans, making an eternal spirit adapt as a prisoner in the oppressor’s body was as mind-boggling as chaining air to the pole, and lording-it-over another equally devious spirit as difficult as forcing a horse to drink water!

The overall technique of accomplishing this feat required that the oppressor be able to rout the spirit of the victim and dispose of its physical body in order to confuse and weaken its target, which in reality was almost impossible to do to an immortal. The spirit of an aggressive immortal would leave its own body and infiltrate the body of a victimized immortal as if it were a hunted prey, accost and scold and intimidate it, and when the aggressor is satisfied that the spirit and soul of the victim is gathered and bound and tamed, it will then eject and reenter its body with the humbled spirit of the victim as its prisoner.

The body of the victim will remain dormant and cease to exist or recognized. It must be noted; ‘spirit colonization’ was not a way of prolonging the life of the oppressor since he/she is already an immortal, but was solely to possess the strengths and powers of another. The danger to the ‘colonizer’ was leaving its body unattended when attacking which would itself be snatched by other wandering spirits who lost their bodies to a botched ‘spirit colonization’ attempt and the complexity of the process of ‘colonization’ was if the spirit of the victim escaped its very body before it was colonized and become a wondering spirit instead of being imprisoned. The battle to snatch the other’s spirit in order to imprison it was not systematic, each immortal devised own unique battle technique to succeed in their quest.

What clearly epitomizes the colonizing-spirit was to a colonized-spirits is the baton Herr Hitler exercised over his de jure because of the power vested in him by the Enabling Act of 1933 as the Fűhrer and Reich Chancellor. Though his inner-core comprised of ‘heartless’ venomous adjutants from Albert Bormann of the NSKK to his personal assistant in the ‘subhuman’ Otto Gűnche; none would dare raise a finger without being ordered to do so by the supreme commander of armed forces himself…..Herr Adolf Hitler. Much so with the ‘colonized-spirits’, their wish was their colonizer’s command!

While the ‘fallen-angels’ spirit that possesses a host seeks to find rest in the mortal body and soul of the host, the ‘spirit colonization’ battle was when an immortal swallowed the spirit of another immortal to imprison it. These original demons who swallowed other equally wicked immortal spirits of the eternity-passed have also found it desirable to their plot to possess humans like "fallen angels" demons does today; though the effect seems the same, the ‘eternity passed’ demons are more stubborn to cast out as their character is brought to light in the book "The Hollow Vendetta: The Final Punishment"


"Your throne was established long ago; you are from all eternity." Psalm 93:2

Amongst the vast multitudes of morally depraved immortals inhabiting this completely dark home of the undying lurked Anāthema and Belial; the former is the whore of darkness while the latter is the one considered even today as the original devil.

Although the darlings of everything iniquitous; the two avoided crossing each other’s paths like a famished lion and a starving crocodile in Kruger National Park. Just as Assyria who hated Israel with passion and Babylon who scorned the descendants of Jacob could not stand each other though they both drank from the same wells of Mesopotamia; so was an unspoken territorial boundary set between the two most outspoken citizens of the eternity-passed, when the other walloped the south, another galloped the north…..and when the other’s bow is stretched towards the west, another’s Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle aimed at the east!

Shying away from each other was not because the arrogance of the other became lukewarm towards his compatriot or the presence of the other poured cold water to extinguish the violent rage of another; but while the other avoided Delilah’s homicidal deceit that brought Samson to his demise, another was simply tightening her skirt lest Amnon’s lust that brought eternal shame to Tamar encapsulated her! It was more of the case of the United States of America being wary of attacking North Korea because it suspected that Kim Jong-un has more than he displays, and the communist North not underestimating Donald Trump’s thinned patience but still ‘talking bravely’; is that not why the two sworn enemies agreed to diverge from each other and diplomatically sidestep their public spat and cease threatening to lock horns in that bogus Singapore summit? The only genuine item in the agenda was: ‘let’s agree to disagree to allay world fears and both qualify for the Nobel Peace awards.’  

As much as Anāthema dreamed of and desired to ride on the back of the muscular Belial and caress his naked slimy skin with her oversized bosom, her distrust for his power-ambitions to usurp and rule the eternity-passed barred her from even attempting to approach or seduce that champion of wickedness. Unbeknown to her though, the giant beast’s ravenous lust for her sensual super-curvy body was as compelling as a chunk of cheese is to a starving, impatient but anxious home rat; but since the whore of darkness had already tamed, shackled, enslaved and colonized the six hundred and sixty-six crafty and most powerful spirits of the eternity-passed…..who can trust her? If Anāthema thought of herself as the heroine of deceit and valiant of deceitful-wiles, then Belial thought of himself as the hero of ingenious-deceit and a self-proclaimed warrior of the wicked dark.

The filthy and steamy whore of darkness with her three large pairs of breasts like a pregnant bitch dripping a metallic-green-milky like pus substance, and the abundance of slimy ‘seducing substance’ flowing like golden-syrup that she excretes as she chooses…..her character is like that of a creepy black-widow spider that munches her male mating partner after copulation and her mind-enticing craftiness that goes beyond tempting another immortal to offer himself or herself as her prisoner in return for sexual favors is her double-edged sword. Her name is Anāthema, also known as the queen of the dark, for she considered herself married to the harrowing darkness of the eternity-passed. She is a vicious and vile beast whose size is her pride; she would look down with a frown at the anticipated size of the "Statue of Liberty" to honor Sardar Vallabhai Patel, and her cave would have scoffed at the size of a circular tunnel that is a home to the hadron-collider.

Her naked sensual catwalk in that unceasing snow downpour would have made that renowned sexually provocative and unconventional singer-cum-actress look like a mere amateur in X-rated movie auditions. Viewing her tanned-Caucasian naked back which seem to be her valued asset, she looks like a human save the long giant scorpion-like tail in an up-high position as though queen-mother Athaliah inviting anyone to come to her generous inauguration feast after ascertaining that she was the only legitimate royalty after slaughtering the rightful princes to the throne; her fairly hairy super-broad shoulders are complimented by a mermaid waist and her toned, firm and tight mountain-like butt like an infinity-symbol in a mathematical brackets.

Her soft sensual voice is a kiss of Judas for the book of Revelation 13:11 exposes her sharpest guttural tone, "….spoke like a dragon." And her fascinating long dense pitch-black flowing hair is hypnotic; it flows from just above her forehead and partially covering her short lamb like horns to her back like the hell-bound temple prostitutes of Corinth; evenly covering her broad shoulders right up to her butt as though a widow’s black attire though exposing a lot of flesh that would have prompted Jephthah the Gileadite’s prostitute mother aspire to be like her. And like Oholah and Oholibah who engaged in prostitution in their teens as the Bible declares in Ezekiel 23: 2, "…engaging in prostitution from their youth. In that land their breasts were fondled and their virgin bosoms caressed", her trade is prostitution and her profit is ‘colonizing’ the souls of her victims!

Though the front is more sub-Saharan compared to the tanned-Caucasian back, the skin-tone matched perfectly. If her back is obscene, then her front posture from head to toe is vulgar. Small lamb-like horns at the sides of her forehead are noticeable though covered by the dense black flowing hair swerved by the violent storm. The sticky pus-like substance dripping from her breasts is a snare that hooks both large and small wicked immortals for it is like a scent a female dog gives off when she is in a heat cycle, and flowing like the waters of the Scottish river-spey from its source and flooding the ground is the seducing substance that she excretes at will which is a magnetic perfume so powerful that even those hiding from her crop out from their hiding holes to lick their lips and contemplate before involuntarily following her as though bewitched.

Her sexual immorality knows no bounds, a bisexual to the core; the sodomy of Sodom is in her menu, lesbianism of Sappho of Lesbos is her delight, and heterosexuality is her trump card against the straight. Her shameless seductive flattering words lead to the pit of the dead and her lascivious white as milk sclera-only eyes are a hypnotic snare and her thick sensual red shivering lips heads straight to being imprisoned in her belly for eternity. Do not embrace her bosom for it is a fowler’s snare, exercise self-control and do not lust for her exposed fruit-of-deception that drips of honey for it is the gate to eternal prison. Solomon David prophesied about her in Proverbs 5: 8-9, "keep to a path far from her, do not go near the door of her house, lest you give your best strength to others and your years to one who is cruel."

The Apostle Paul hit the bull’s eye when he commented and quoted the Words of God on 1 Corinthians 7:16, “Do you not know that he who unites with a prostitute is one with her in the body? For it is said, ‘The two will become one flesh”’    

Are not powers of six hundred and sixty-six spirits of the most immoral immortals of the eternity-passed imprisoned in her belly at her disposal to harvest as she wishes? Lust was the sword that slew their throats; though for a moment they displayed their prowess when they feasted on her, she is the one with the last laugh as she cashed-in on their spirits for they finally became her doormat. Waiting just for the right time; then her sweet screams of orgasm reverted to her terrifying, frightening and powerful dragonish shout that arise involuntary shivers to all listening and viewing from the sides as she tightened her grip and tore the physical body of her victim with her iron like wolf teeth, her spirit infiltrating her helplessly trapped and excited but open-mouthed victim to harvest their spirit, and discarding of their treasured bodies after the process of ‘colonization’ has run its full course.

Did not the lustful ones voluntarily offer their strengths to her for a quickie just like Esau tendered his birthright to Jacob for some stew? The muffled horrific cry of the spirits trapped in her belly which has been stripped of their independence cling to the walls of her inner-tummy like flies trapped on a sticky net; in the belly of the beast darkness beyond the eternity-past itself, smells like a decomposing dead body of a mortal, the highest temperature of the digestive system of the beast is like the very fire of hell, and loneliness that surpasses that of the scapegoat send into the wilderness is experienced by the inmates.

The number 666 is the trophy-of-pride for her accomplishments that she insist makes her the queen of the eternity-passed and beyond; the measure of her power that is the sum of all powers of six hundred and sixty six spirits of immoral-immortals she has ‘colonized’ and are now literally hers to exploit as she chooses, her unequalled deceptive skills, ingenious craftiness and her depraved morality that could only be equaled to that of Belial. Does not the Sacred Writings warn of her pride, arrogance and the number that defines her in the book of Revelation 13:16? She is the one who will force the inhabitants of the world to be the carriers of her 666 pride-trophy on their foreheads in the days soon to come as mentioned in the former verse, "He (the pronoun is not based on masculinity but on muscularity) also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free or slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name". She is the beast Lucifer will use to blaspheme the Eternal Light and to marshal his troops against the Lamb of God in the last days that are as nearer today as a slumber is to a sleep.

Is her immorality not the disgusting vomit the unrighteous powers of the world will drink as prophesied by John the servant of the Eternal Light in the end days before her destruction as declared in Revelation17: 2, "With her the kings of the earth committed adultery (sin) and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine (blood of the saints) of her adulteries" She will champion sin and the sinners will embrace her sins! How did Lucifer deceive the Queen of deceivers? What she has always aspired millions of years ago as mentioned in the book "The Hollow Vendetta: The Final Punishment"! This was her wish from of old, ‘Anāthema dreamed of and desired to ride on the back of Belial and caress his naked slimy skin with her oversized bosom’, so it will be as Revelations 17:3 declares, " There I saw a woman sitting  on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns." Be alert of her camouflage, as the "spiritual factor" power she possesses enables her to transform the size of her personality to suit the target at hand!

On the other hand, Belial, the original devil, does not lack morals for morals are as non-existent in him as the light is in the pit of the dead. Though there is a sour wrangle among biblical scholars about his existence, denying that he exists is like denouncing that there was a prior generation before the present one. The Apostle Paul assures us that "all scripture is God inspired" and in unison the Apostle Peter exclaimed that "For prophecy never had its origin in the will of men, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit", now then, how can one misunderstand the prophecy of Moses the servant of God when he declares in Psalm 90:2c, "from everlasting to everlasting you are God"? Does not the preposition "From" and "To" in the verse indicate the point in time at which existence started and the other express a destination being approached?

Twenty-six times the Old Testament endeavors to yank the reader of Belial’s immoral personality and evil character by relating him to corruption and moral depravity seen through heartless, rebellious and stiff-necked individuals of note known to the generation of that age. The Old Testament never uses Belial name as a verb describing an action but a name that identifies an actual entity based on his character. Just as Jesus Christ said to Jews who did not believe his message "You belong to your father, the devil (referring to Satan)"  in John 8:44; so because of the lawlessness, blasphemous and wickedness of the sons of Eli the priest, the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament says in 1 Samuel 2:12 they are "the sons of Belial." Do not those two verses identify two actual beings? Can one accept another and deny the other?

He is not Satan as others put words in the mouth of Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 6:15, "What harmony is there between Christ and Belial?" for the prophecy of the man of God was comparing the Righteous Royalty of the eternity-passed with the original Demon. There is nowhere in the bible where it is explicitly stated that Satan and Belial is one and the same person, that is why others felt they have a freedom for making dangerous assumptions.  Furthermore, the serpent of the Garden of Eden himself gave Belial authority to blaspheme the throne of the Trinity as he has made a treaty with him to share the plunder should they outsmart He who cannot be outmatched as Revelations 13:4 hints, "Men worshipped the dragon (Satan) because he had given authority to the beast (Belial), and they also worshipped the beast (Belial) and…" Does not this verse differentiate these two personalities?      

A black bear sleeps non-stop for over seven months during hibernation and ethologists believed a snail sleeps approximately three years but is calculated by the present universe’s uniform time, the snoring duration of Belial would prove his sleeping time is unmatched. His appetite when awake until he doses to sleep again is immeasurable. Except for his staple-meal in the eternity-passed, he has devoured and cannibalized many equally wicked immortal-beings of the eternity-passed in order to imprison and colonize their spirits in his belly. Are not the powers of the spirits imprisoned in his belly form part of his powers? Both Anāthema and Belial have the same enemy they dread though……….the mighty Righteous Royalties!

Belial is a super-giant ferocious beast who roam the eternity-passed as though Emperor Maximinus Thrax at the climax of his reign. His breath-out is like a launched missile and his breath-in a creepy chirping orchestra of a hundred million crickets, and his unprovoked angry scream that makes the hair stand on end is a mixture of trumpeting myriad-herd of elephants in a mating season and a vast troop of lions as they declare their satisfaction with the reliable food supply in their territory. His nakedness which is under the mercy of the dark eternity-passed is that furless thick scarlet slimy-skin resembling a starving Taiz-zoo leopard. He has four enormous legs which are like those of a bear though walking on two’s at will, and the evidently ageless "uncared-for" claws are sharper than General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s sword that delighted in slaughtering friends and foe alike.

Each of his seven gigantic heads that are as imposing as the F-16 Fighting Falcons bore the mouths like that of a lion robbed of its cubs, the middle head has four filthy blood-smeared gigantic horns evenly covering its forehead with gold-crown firmly attached at the base of each horn while all other six heads have one horn with a gold-crown attached at the base. Though bony, his horns are harder than any construction steel known to a mortal man. All the horns are part of the skull although the abnormally bulged upper-jaws are definite evidence of where the horn-bone starts from; their structure and powers of heads are not the same. The gigantic middle head’s horns which are half the size of its feet are shaped like elephant tusks though segmented like the tail of a scorpion; the segments look like weathered rocks that have grown within each other with the peak of each horn looking like a giant telson of a scorpion.

And the horns of the other heads look exactly the same as the giant telson at the peaks of the middle head’s horns. Just as the strength of Samson son of Manoah was in his hair, the power and strength of Belial are in his horns. As compared to the middle head, the necks of the other six heads seemed to extend extensively to reach their targets. Neither cruise missiles nor atomic bombs are known today can penetrate his thick skin, and he can swallow any biological weapon known without any harm to self. His anger is like the generator that dramatically increases his extraordinary power; the longer he is engaged in combat the stronger and bigger he gets since his anger is fuelled by every second spent in battle. His blood red sclera-less eyes convey no mercy.

Except for the long and sharp lion-like canines, the inside of his mouths has two rows of sharp incisors that can crush and rip anything and everything. The mystery was his ability to carry his enormous body with such ease………only darkness is his home for his acts hate everything light, his pride was in its corrupt knowledge that light exists not. He seemed proud of the reign of terror he has exercised so far, seemed his ambitions to conquer and rule the eternity-passed was on the brink of success. His plan was to snatch the powers of every equally cruel and devious immortal of the eternity-passed before attacking the mighty Righteous Royalties. Is he not the beast Satan will command to blaspheme God in the days nearby as mentioned in Revelation 13:6, "He opened his mouth to blaspheme God and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven"?

When the Righteous Royalties have exhausted all avenues to persuade the wicked to repent but to no avail, then the epitomes of righteousness found a home within each other to bring order to the eternity-passed; born out of the intimacy was the light beyond light, the Eternal Light! Do not two metals striking each other produce a spark? This was not a collision of a non-living metal; the holy voluntary intimacy of the living mighty Righteous Royalties gave birth to a living Spirit, a Spirit that defines the very intimacy of the Righteous-Royalties themselves, the Eternal Light! Just as sweet-water is the intimacy of pure water and sugar, so is the Spirit of the Eternal Light produced by the intimacy of the Lord God and the Holy Spirit. He is a parent royalty born out of the intimacy of two mighty-righteous royalties! Now, this is the mystery of righteousness… the good gave birth to the super-good; the powerful gave birth to the Almighty God!

The Spirit himself is a perfect person who is the eternal holy intimacy-bond who entwines the righteous royalties as one God, infallible and Almighty. Does not the Righteous One says in John 4:24a, "God is the spirit, and his worshippers must worship him in spirit and the truth?", and does he not clarify the status of the "spirit" in the Trinity when he says in John 4:23,"….will worship the Father in spirit and truth?" He who was born as a result of the intimacy of the two Righteous Royalties is Abba-Father who lives within those who gave birth to him and those who gave birth to Him live within Him. The Trinity was established!

The Spirit of Light penetrated caves, cracks and crevices, the deepest waters and the very ground where other wicket immortals were hiding, it was as though the farmer cultivating the soil and preparing the field to sow new seeds; the weeds were being pulled out and thrown out, the caves vomited their dirt and opened up to be cleansed, the forests were shaken and immorality fled the scene, and the mass graves of the unfortunate found out and burnt to ashes! The light of the Eternal Light stripped naked that which was hidden behind the dark curtain, the dark itself was routed as the enemy forces….and was gathered and kept in the pre-created Abyss!

Belial, whose nakedness was exposed by the spirit of Light waged war against the Righteous Royalties but the Eternal Light was too strong for him. Is not the scar beneath his eye right up to the horn at the center of his forehead evidence of how narrowly the far-left head had robbed imminent cut-off! Millions of years after that strike, this scar is a mark that exposes who he really is, just as the Sacred Writings say in Revelations 13: 3, "One of the heads of the beast had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed." Did he not run to the dark oblivion and did not the Whore of Darkness follow suit with her tail between her disgusting thighs?

The like greyish-black fly ash that defined the eternity-passed thick darkness was now the fluffiest white snow, which it was, before the spirit of the Eternal Light that penetrated the limitless space and the immeasurable existence of the eternity-passed. Though it was as crimson because of the blood of the wicked, now it was as white as wool of the lamb. No wicked immortal-being was insight since many that were left after innumerable years of ‘spirit colonization’ fled to the dark oblivion. Only the Holy Trinity was left standing!

The colossal crystal clear dwelling itself was ten times the size of Jupiter sitting firmly within a vast space; colorful plants were visibly sprouting as they were responding to the light of the Eternal Light, rivers were as though waking up from the "The Exorcist movie" nightmare, valleys and mountains were like many saints who were raised to life as the tombs broke open and vomited them when Jesus Christ cried out and gave up his spirit at the cross, and the dwelling itself drank the spirit of the Trinity and brightened like the eyes of Jonathan as he ate honey against his father Saul’s "strict oath" not to eat any food before he accomplished a feat against his enemies.  

The established order of the eternity-passed was to be protected……lest the once exiled to the dark oblivion plot their unwelcome-return! Is not the dark oblivion that furthest eclipsed altitude that reeked of darkness, emptiness, and loneliness? Their great multitude was as though Anders ‘heartless’ Breivik, Genghis ‘subhuman’ Khan and Bin ‘holy war’ Laden have amassed ISIS and Boko Haram operatives in that notorious Afghan city, Sanguin.

The proposal of that populist demagogue Belial undoubtedly roused an extraordinary enthusiasm among all original demons to wage war against the Righteous Royalties, and though he failed to stand before the lightning sword of the Righteous One, he seemed to have succeeded in fuelling intense desire among his kind to retaliate! And the frenzy and violence incitement instilled by Anāthema to the unrepentant demons for a journey back ‘home’ was like a promise that victory against the Royal Royalties will result in the lions grazing grass with the cattle and pythons climbing the trees to nurse the chicks. The swords of the demons were drawn off from the scabbard and they hungered to piece the heart of the Righteous One!  


"…against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12

Like an army of dorylus ants completely covering and feasting on that sobbing new-born baby thrown in the woods of Kruger National Park by a young Zimbabwean lady determined to sneak into South Africa unnoticed, so were the deafening bloodcurdling groans of the restless eternity-passed demons groping like the blind Bartimaeus staggering in the streets of Jericho to find his usual begging place outside the city, but hell-bent to colonize the dark oblivion. Their shouts surpassed by far the sound of all species in the Garden of Eden crammed in a small enclosure.

At least the dove Noah sent to see if the flood water had receded after he had spent more than a year in the ark had a home to go back to after it found no place to set its feet because the water was still over all the surface of the earth; not so with these demons, for they had vomited in the spring that supplied them with fresh water, defiled the landscape which provided them with food, and uprooted the tree that gave them shelter!  

Just as Judas Iscariot cannot be restored to his apostolic seat for "spitting on the face" of God in the person of Jesus Christ, and just as President Yahya Jammeh disqualified himself from ever being a noble citizen of Gambia by repeatedly raping his country when he looted the coffers of the state while president, so are these eternity-passed demons unwelcome to the residence they bruised, afflicted, and ransacked! Can a rape victim allow that heartless perpetrator who even attempted to choke her after his direful act in her house? Will she not fortify her home instead? The wise say, "Once bitten twice shy."

Allowing them back would be like giving that "beyond rehabilitation" Scottish pedophile Alan a permission to operate an Early Childhood Development center unattended. Like the seven large and strong nations God uprooted from Canaan on account of their sin that had reached its full measure to be replaced by God’s elected nation, Israel, so the eternity-passed demons’ place was inhabited by Trinity’s very own spiritual creations. Just as the Lord commanded his chosen inheritance to undertake a prompt rehabilitation steps when the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites have been driven out of the land they defiled in Deuteronomy 7: 5, "Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire", the Trinity did exactly that when he rebuilds the eternity-passed dwelling!

Like amateur foxtrot dancers practicing with short movement disco tunes and like a lurching fish boat in the center of Hurricane-Patricia’s claws, so was the waddling but continuous movement of eternity-passed demons as they try to get accustomed to the dark oblivion’s non-physical realm; forces that ruled the dark oblivion which replicate the zero-gravity altitude rendered them weightless like inexperienced astronauts in space. And their inharmonious demeanor was the result of the temperature that was an aberration from their normal way of existence which seemed to affect both their aptitude and their normal mobility.

Only that loathsome bastard demon conceived through deception and thrown away as rubbish at birth moved with boastful ease. He is the ordeal and disgrace that remain a bloody-stain to Anāthema’s acclaimed reputation; did not she who is the master of deception become a victim of her own deceptive trade? The bonafide citizen of the dark oblivion has by descent become the ‘prince of demons.’ Is not that which was fed through the umbilical cord of the ‘queen of demons’ and a fetus which six hundred and sixty-six imprisoned demonic spirits in her mother’s belly licked and spat on not a prince of demons?

A burst-sewage-dam to his mother who treated him like a leper from the time he strolled-out of her sweaty thighs and abhorred by his father while still in her mother’s womb; at birth the ‘prince of demons’ groaned for acceptance but rejection made curses cloth him like worms befriend a corpse, his ignored wailing for his hunger to be satisfied drove him to cannibalize his very flesh, and he quenched his thirst from the rivers of festering wounds he dug!

His haughty eyes and disdainful glances are like those of Caiaphas the high priest bound and determined to knit false evidence against Jesus Christ, and his conceited voice like that of Naaman the Aramean as he retorted to Elisha’s leprosy-antidote in 2 Kings 5:12, "Are not Abana and Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus, better than any of the waters of Israel? Couldn’t I wash in them and be cleansed?" Just as the measure of the pitchy eternity-passed surpasses the darkness ruled by the moon, so the demoniacal stature of the ‘prince of demons’ stood above the rest in the dark oblivion!

The tall and skinny green-flies infested ‘prince of demons’ considered himself the elite and the first citizen of the dark oblivion. The shin between his giant calves and the ankles seemed abnormally skinny and extraordinarily longer; because of his defective lower shin, his teetering feet were unstable as he does his one thousand per hour provocative sprints across the dark oblivion as he flogs anyone in his path with scourge-curse he brandishes randomly, but his giant calves propelled him like the Russian TUPOLEV TU-142.

His visibly festering self-inflicted wounds that are dug and sliced by a like ninja’s samurai sword claws are gushing white-yellowish pus. Buzzing far more than the noise of Wall Street and Shanghai trading floors combined in peak hour are dense swarm of green flies each the size of a fully grown shrike clinging to him like bees embracing their hive, and from the base of his giant horns to his calves worms ten times the size of giant-Gippsland seemed to have found their home in his open wounds. He fed on the very worms that seemed to eat him alive and drank from the streams of pus flowing from his wounds! While green flies are his cloak, open wounds the field where he harvests curses; pus flowing from his body is the very curses he sprinkles-out against his victims! Is this not the demon of deceases?

If the stench of the Valley of Hinnom was disgusting and the five-thousand decomposing bodies of massacred Tutsis in Ntarama church harrowing, then the word "disgusting" is less appropriate to explain the stink from the fleet-footed ‘prince of demons’. If humans had the sense of smell that equaled that of immortals, his foul odor alone would cause innumerable fatalities.  Just as Al-Nasrallah’s Hezbollah replacing Hitler’s Nazi to perpetrate torture against the Semites would have dealt the descendants of Jacob a greater wallop than the blows of the Third Reich, likewise, though his horrific scent can make other demons possessing a mortal dispossess their host and flee, replacing them as a parasite demon will make the condition of the host a walking corpse!

How the learned Pharisees lacked wisdom about the prince of demons when they said in Matthew 12:24, "It is only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons that this fellow drives out demons." Are they not aware that the ‘prince of demons’ is not an arrow that is given direction by a bow but like is an unleashed rabies infected Rottweiler ready to tear the flesh of anything and everything in its path, and like a crazy soldier randomly shooting a fully loaded six barreled M134 minigun? By mere suggestion that He who is Righteous shot a filthy demonic arrow does not only lack common sense, but it is blasphemy!        

Strangely, even in that bizarre and uncomfortable alzheimerous conditions of the dark oblivion, these hollow-souled eternities passed demons continued their spirit-colonization shenanigans and schemed the jeopardous plot of bringing chaos to what is now………heaven, the holy dwelling of God Most High! Their blustering babble ‘chants’ that were meant to broadcast their intention to infiltrate heaven could not permeate the like ironclad surface of the light of the Eternal Light whose very glimmer from the dark oblivion still dazzle them as though they are in its closest proximity! How they hated this Light of God….the spirit of the Trinity whose brightness is a thousand times the light produced by the sun!    

Like that notorious Auschwitz concentration camp physician Joseph "Angel of Death" Mengele who did not consider himself a perpetrator of the most inhumane tortures of the second world war but a "genius medico in flight" who does not deserve to be put in the dungeon but hailed as the Chirurg Extraordinaire even though he engaged in the most of the atrocious crimes in the history of Nazi Germany by conducting horrific and twisted experiments against Jewish inmates at that infamous Auschwitz death camp…… were these fugitive hard-hearted soul-deficient demons defying all sense of reasoning to accept the dire consequences of their immorality!

Similar to that South African immoral-jerk, ‘President Showerhead’, who rapes a young defenseless daughter of a fellow comrade at his Johannesburg house and justifies his vile behavior to what he terms "consensual" while he knows his foul sweat was the result of blistering force he used against poor ‘Khwezi’, so also those soul-drained demons felt it injustice to be exiled for violating a residence they considered their daughter. Like that monstrous Raymond Prescott who raped his own flesh and blood for twenty long years and felt no shame is these conscience-paralyzed demons. The Book of Agur verse 12 testifies about them and those who voluntarily bedded them when it says, "those who are pure in their own eyes, and yet are not cleansed of their filth."      

As far as the west is from the east and a curse is from a blessing, so is the great chasm between the dark oblivion and the magnificent radiance of the spirit of the Eternal Light who beautifully clothes the eternity-passed existence like a joyful bride in the presence of her groom. Do not the waters that vomit garbage worthy to be part of a cleaner ocean? She forsook the wicked that brought shame to her and became worthy to be called heaven. Did she not joyfully embrace He who is the Eternal Light and therefore credited to be both God’s home and throne? As Moses solemnly declares in Deuteronomy 26:15a, "Look down from heaven, your holy dwelling place" and through the mouth of Isaiah 66:1b, "Heaven is my throne."

Like that ‘about to be stoned’ adulterous woman caught red-handed in the act but given a new lease of life by God in the person of Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the Gospel of John, so is the eternity-passed existence now had a new name bestowed to her, "Hephzibah", the delight of the Holy Trinity, and "Beulah", the dwelling married to God. Ezekiel the spoke-person of God Most high gives hope for those who repent of their wicked ways just like the repentant eternity-passed dwelling embraced the Eternal Light in Ezekiel 18:21, "But if a wicked man turns away from all the sins he has committed and keeps all my decrees and does what is just and right, he will surely live; he will not die."

Was not Jericho cursed because of her sins and Jerusalem blessed because the Trinity chose her as a dwelling for his Name? In the same way, the dark oblivion was cursed for raising her skirt to the unrighteous but heaven was blessed for embracing righteousness. Just as the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle after Moses anointed it in the wilderness, so the luminous spirit of Almighty God eternally consecrated his beloved heaven to be His eternal home!