Chapter 2



While looking all around, Blaze was thinking about the weekend. I only have a few things to do today in the shop, so if I hurry up, I can get some much-needed time with my brothers. My best friend and I were always together on the weekends. That was until my old man showed his ass and his true colors. My grandparents raised me my whole life. I still had to follow my parents’ rules, and I tried to have a relationship with them. 

But my parents only wanted me as a protégé. Someone to continue the family name and to run the company someday.

My Gran and Gramps had the final say.

I never saw my parents after the day my whole life fell apart. Gramps wouldn’t allow them around me ever. And for some unknown reasons, my dad hated me. 


 Gramps always said he was worthless and for me not to let it bother me. But he was my dad, and a boy wanted a dad, right? But Gramps and Gran, they made up for what my parents lacked. 

In my senior year, I broke up with my only girlfriend of 3 years and 6 months, right before graduation. She was a beautiful redheaded cheerleader. And I was an idiot. But never again. I don’t and won’t get close to another chick, And I’m damn sure not going after another redhead. 

They are T.R.O.U.B.L.E., and I always find the crazy ones.

 All summer long, I stayed around the ranch and helped my Gramps. Until I went to college. 


That’s when my dad ruined everything for me. And I got kicked out of school. 

Because 1 day, unexpectedly, my dad showed up at school. Right before the last semester of my first year in college. And started laying down the law to me. Bossing me around. I hadn’t seen him but once since I was 12 years old. 


We had a tremendously big throw down, and right after that, I jumped on my Harley and split!

I went from nowhere, Texas, to the Marines. Spent six long years there. Got out, and now I’m here in hot girl Heaven, Los Angeles, California. Been here for about five years now. I started my own business. I rebuild, buy, and sell used bikes.


My friends and I are starting our own MC called "The Hell Riders!" The old club had way too many illegal goings-on for what we really wanted out of a club. So, we started our own. We just now have the Blessings we were required to have. But now we’re trying to find a new clubhouse. Because the old club is a rat trap and way too many enemies for our liking.


I met two of my closest friends at the Gym. I found it online and decided to go check it out. Within a month, I was hooked. The guys are trustworthy and cool to hang out with. We like drinkin and chasin chicks together. I mean, Hell, I’m only 28. I have no interest in settling down anytime soon. I’m a hit it and quit it kind of guy.

If you want me to light you up, I will gladly oblige you. But you better believe me when I say. It will be a one-and-done kind of situation.


 I headed to the apartment complex. My two brothers from my MC room together. The place is always great for people watching. And scoping out chicks. I mean, just face it, I fell from the Heaven’s, and I do sexy all over me, and what is best, I know it. I look H.O.T. hot. It is not bragging if you can back it up…. Right?


Now I can start my well-earned weekend off. I shoot a text to the guys to see if we’re still chillin at their pad or going to the club with the other brothers. Let’s face it. There is a pool, hot chicks, and cable T.V. What more would a bunch of guys like us need? Their place rocks.


My apartment is gross outside. All you ever see are elderly people walking their dogs, which shit and piss all around, and nobody bothered to tell them to clean it up. You can’t walk in the grass at all. Sometimes not even the damn sidewalks.


First, there’s Dylan, he is a stand-up guy. He is a bartender at Shenanigans. The bar’s also a wonderful place to pick up hot chicks and a hangout for our club members. Or just have a beer or two after the day on the job. Dylan was in the Army working with explosives. He did 6 years in and out of the country. Dylan is a big guy. 6’6” 340lbs of pure Teddy bear unless you piss him off. Or he is protecting someone or something he loves and cares about. 


Then there’s Jeff. He owns SOK-UM. That is the Gym I belong to. He also was in the Army. Weapons specialist.

 Jeff looks like a young version of Sam Elliott; he is definitely a chick magnet. He’s about 6’4”  275lbs. with salt and pepper hair. 

 They share an apartment at Palm Oaks Apartments. The place has a huge pool, hot tub, and an area to throw a party if you fill out a little paperwork and pay a small cleaning fee. Plus, it also has an ultramodern gym, just if we don’t want to fight the traffic after a wild night before. We are all pretty tight; we’re not just friends. We’re brothers. 


We all work out together 5 days a week. Jeff’s dad was a heavyweight champion back in the Army days. When he got out of the service, he started his own Gym, and now Jeff runs the whole thing.

But the old man still comes in and out. I think the old man misses the place, but he is not in the most excellent health anymore. While we spar, he still likes to give us advice on everything. But he is a cool old dude, so none of us mind much. 


I think I’ll stop off at the liquor store and pick up a couple 30 packs. Probably won’t be enough if we just spend time together here all weekend. Or if we go to the bar and bring a few people back. We are quite known to do that on occasion. 


I’m sure their neighbors seriously hate us sometimes because some of those parties were dope! To say the least. Hell, some I don’t even remember! The music is always too loud. And some of the people can get a little out of hand. But we shut that fuckin shit down quickly. 


The guys don’t need the hassle because of some drunken party. The first sign of a fight, they’re out. No questions asked. If no punches are thrown, then the one who is drunk with a superman attitude wantin to throw down, he’s out of there. Then we get rid of the drunk. If it’s chicks, that is another story for another time. 


I arrived at the apartment and found my friends around the pool. "We need to head upstairs to get this beer on Ice, guys. I don’t like warm beer"! Blaze told the guys as he walked up to them.

 Trying to figure out what has the guy’s attention. I see her, creamy white skin, long wavy red hair, a rack that is just begging my hands to hold them up. She was wearing a hot pink suit with the belly, sides, and back out of it. And those glasses she is wearing, mystifies me. 


I keep walking up to the guys and trip over Jeff from not watching where I was going. That beauty over there had my undivided attention, something I swore off years ago. But something about her just sends my head and dick places it hasn’t been in many years. Almost feels like love at first sight. But it can’t be. I don’t believe in such nonsense. Do I?


Did I mention a real redhead Is My Kryptonite? And she is a true redhead. This could be a whole lot of miserable fun. I swore off redheads., but this Angel, well, let’s just say I might rethink my course of action. And ask her out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t discriminate. I love all women. Tall, short, blond-haired, dark-haired, multicolored but a redhead, I just can’t help myself. I am T totally addicted, and let me tell you, this chick has my undivided attention.


The guys start ripping me, telling me about the drool I had on my chin. But did I care, fuck no, I didn’t. I had to know who she was! I was sure I had never seen her before because a redhead with a body like hers is someone I would always remember.


"Dude? Are you drooling over that Ginger over there?” Dylan asked with a half-cocked grin. 

"Hell, yes, he is! Dude, I’ve never seen you fall over yourself for a chick before." Jeff said with a joking tone. 

  My brothers begin to rib me. I barely heard what they had said because I couldn’t take my eyes off the Angel across the pool. I couldn’t see her face because she was reading a book. I was doing my best to will her to lookup. I needed to get a look at her face! And hopefully, get lost in her eyes. If she has blue eyes, I’m so fucked! Blaze thought to himself with a half-sided grin. 


 Just then, she looked up to find out what happened to the sun. A small cloud drifted by overhead. I was so very thankful. She still had on those sunglasses. But those lips as red as one of those blood rose’s my Gran grew in her flower bed. They were plump, full, kissable lips. As I’m looking at her, I think she is staring back at me. But I can’t be sure. I can’t take my eyes off those lips.


I’m still checking her out. Suddenly, she dropped her glasses. Puts her book down on the chair. That is when she turns to the water and dips her bright red painted toe into it. 


She gets into the water and begins to swim in our direction. As she lifted her head to the side of the pool to find the wall, everything in my body forgot to work. I couldn’t breathe. My heart stopped, and I swear all the oxygen was sucked out of my universe. Her eyes were blue as the sea with silver flex. Oh yes, I was a goner!

“Dude, are you ready to head upstairs?” Dylan said playfully, gouging me in the stomach.

 “Yeah, man, let’s go get wasted?” Jeff said as he patted me on the shoulder. 


 I heard them talking, but I was too engrossed in the beauty in the water just made for me. I asked the guys if they knew who she was and or what apartment she lived in? Just my luck, they had no idea. As I watched her swim back across the pool, I saw the best-looking ass on a chick that God had ever made. I couldn’t stop staring; it was like the whole Fucking world just stopped. I wanted her. Fuck, I needed her. That body, those eyes, and her hair. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect girl for me.

 I was mesmerized by some spell she put on me the moment she looked at me. Captivated by her beauty.

I noticed that I was alone, so I shook off the stupor that I was in. I decided to find out who this Angel was. And I would make sure I showed her a night she would never forget.


 I followed the fellas back to the pad and couldn’t get her out of my mind. The way she smiled at me when she looked up and stared at me with those beautiful breath-taking eyes. When she turned around, she was so fucking stunning. That hot pink suit was made for a body like hers. A little sexy but not too revealing yet modest. All in 1 suit perfect for just her. I almost forgot my own damn name. I got the feeling she wasn’t like most of the chicks around here. Ready for anything and slept around a lot. 


But she was more like the girl next door. I needed to find that door quickly. Because I don’t think I’d be able to breathe again until I saw her. She was everything all wrapped up in 1 small little redheaded package God had made for me.



The guys and I head into the apartment. I pass out the beers, and the rest goes into the fridge. There is a game today. The Dodgers versus the Cardinals, and the Dodgers are losing. Dylan orders pizzas. Two meat lovers and a supreme for him, with breadsticks and buffalo wings.


I walked into the living room with the others and tried to get my mind on the game. It should be a good one. Both teams have an incredible roster this year. The only thing is, the red birds have a better pitching staff, and the center fielder has a hell of an arm. The bats are banging, and the dust is flying. The score is 6 to nothing Cards, and now we’re all at least three beers in. 


Jeff gets up for this round. He stops and looks out the kitchen window like something really has his attention. I asked him, “What’s so fucking important that has you stalking outside that window?” “Blaze, man, you got to see this chick she’s fuckin hot! “Jeff said, still stalking out the window.


Then my mind turns to the beautiful redhead I saw earlier down at the pool. If it were her, I would damn sure be heading out this fucking door. And trying to get her to at least talk to me, maybe even get a number. Better yet, get her to go out with me. But who am I kidding? She most likely already has an old man. A beautiful chick like her could have them lined up and out the driveway as good as she looks. I didn’t notice any ring, but she was at the pool, so she could have taken it off or something. But man, what I wouldn’t give to get my hands in that long beautiful wavy copper penny red hair. So silky smooth and waves that rolled down her back like a waterfall. Damn it, I really need to stop thinking about her.


 The last time I got wrapped up with someone like her was high school. And we broke up right before graduation. I was so heartbroken; I didn’t leave the ranch for the whole summer. I couldn’t face my friends. Let alone, her friends. Baxter and I stayed around the farm, helping Gramps brand the steers and calf out new heifers. It was demanding work, but the pay was great. It kept us away from the town where I’d run into her. After the way, she used me. I didn’t want anything to do with any of them, not my so-called friends or her backstabbing fake ass people.


Baxter was my best friend my whole life until I left. We did everything together. We started to think we had two different homes. Because either he was at our place or I was at his. I miss him a lot. He came to see me a few times, and we text and call often. But nothing like it was. But I have my brothers and the club now. I’m just as close to them as I am Baxter. 


That was the summer before I left for Texas A&M. My family did not care about my broken heart. All they wanted was a son to continue the family business one day. Never asked me about my dreams, nor did they care.

 I had four basic rules. Don’t go to jail, always use a condom, respect my elders, and finally, always treat a lady with the respect that she deserves. Not too hard, right? Well, you’d be right if you were thinkin I messed something up. I always respect the ladies. My Grams taught me that. I use a condom; I sure don’t want any kids yet. Gramps reminds me all the time, and he’s right.


The other two, well, that is what I love to call the gray area. But my old man didn’t see it that way. I kept a B average until all Hell broke loose in my first year of college. The parties were endless girls, sometimes two or three at a time. I was living in the moment. Or I thought I was until a surprise visit from my pop. That was the first time I had seen him since I was 16 years old. And he shows up to lay down the law and decides for the first time in my life to be a real dad. I was more than pissed. We had a massive fistfight in one of the coffee shops on campus.


We were both hauled off and taken to jail. Mom bailed out dad but let me sit in there until a hearing was made. I went to court. Got fined, paid them, and packed my bags, and left the same day. Signed up for the Marine Corps. Did my 6 years and got out. Have not spoken to either of them since. That is how I got here to L.A. 


I changed my number and took off. I didn’t bother to leave a forwarding address to anyone other than my Gramps. He knows where I am, and we’re still very tight. He and my dad don’t talk either. Unless it’s business. Pops sure will be surprised to hear that when Gramps goes, I take over the whole company. 


I hear Jeff let out a wolf whistle, and now he has got both of our attention. “Mind tellin the rest of us what’s more important than the Dodgers losing this damn game?” Blaze asked incredulously.


 “Fuck, Dude, you’re not going to believe who just walked out of building A. It is the chick from the pool yesterday morning. Man, wouldn’t I like to hit that at least once?” Jeff said while looking out the window, staring at her while she walked to the pool.


“Dude, you mean that blond-haired honey with the red bikini on?” Dylan said, leaping up from the chair. “Lookout, let me see!” Dylan said as he pushed Jeff away. “You two just need to get laid. Come to think of it, I think we all need to score some.” I said, taking my last drink of beer.

 After the depressing game, we all decided that we were going to the bar. The guys and I all took showers and got dressed for a night out. 



Before we left for the bar, we drew cards to see who was paying for the night’s adventures. I pulled the deuce of hearts. Guess it was on my tab tonight. It was still early, so the place should be pretty full of lovely ladies to score on, and I had to get that redhead off my mind for at least the night, with our wallets and keys and beers in hand. We all walked down to the parking lot and waited for our ride. Since we were drinking, we called an Uber driver. Then headed out into the nightlife without a care in the world. We text our friend Doc to join us at the bar. He texts back and says he is already there waiting on us and called us slackers. We all laughed and shook our heads.


We went to our favorite hangout spot. Jeff is a bartender there, so we get the V.I.P. treatment. Most of the time, we don’t even pay for drinks. One day Jeff hopes to open his own bar and grill. Or just buy this one. The food here is epic. All the bar favorites. Fried mushrooms, cheeseburgers, fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, pizza, just a few different sandwiches, and more appetizers. But it is all decent food. It had been a while since we had the pizza. So, we ordered an appetizer platter for our table along with our drinks. As we walked around checking out the scenery, Jeff spotted one of his regular hook-up’s for the night, and we lost him somewhere along the way. 


The place was jumping. We went to the V.I.P. section. There we don’t have to put up with the assholes. Unless you’re invited or know someone, you don’t cross over the red velvet ropes. We can sit back and check out all the prospects for the evening’s entertainment.


 I spotted a dark-haired Beauty on the dance floor with nobody else around. I called a waiter over and asked him to put her next drink on my tab and to please ask her to join us. She might be fun to spend a little one on one time with. The waiter tells her what I had said. She looks up and smiles big. The girl leaves the dance floor—points to where we are sitting. The friend shakes her head, and I recognized her as a chick Dylan had already been with a few weeks ago and had her stay all weekend. She was cute but just not my type. But Dylan liked her, so I figured it is going to be a great night

 That was until Dylan backhands me in the chest. Looking like bugs bunny with hearts in his eyes and tongue rolled out.


I look over and see Jeff with a blue-haired chick. She is wearing a little black mini skirt and fishnet blood red top, high heels, and a massive smile on her face, with his hand on her back. They look like they are heading to the bathroom for a little one-on-one action of their own. I yelled across the room, “Don’t forget to wrap it, dude.” 

He turns and flips me the bird. Dylan, Doc, and I just laughed, shaking our heads. And our night out has begun.


While sitting with my two friends, I get a tap on my shoulder. I look up at Doc, drooling on himself. Doc is our other brother, and he is also an E.M.T.  who runs my ambulance service. He was a field medic for the Marine Corps. He’s seen a lot of action. Doc was in for 3 tours, I think. He’s a great guy. 


I tried to look in the same direction as he was looking. At first, I really can’t see anything new. 

Then I think he is checking out the dance floor, but then something catches my eye. It’s a blue spandex dress with high heels that has an ass that I just can’t stop watching. I look her up and down. It’s another God damned redhead, oh my fucking God. What is up with all the damn redheads around here? They are trying to kill me, I swear. I’m not chasing this one, I thought to myself. Then I took a closer look, and I realized It is the Angel from the pool today. 


No Fucking way it can’t be, but it was her. And did she ever take my breath away? She was rocking that Blue dress. If she weren’t careful, everyone would get a look at those firm tits that were perfect for only his hands, no one else. This is fate; it must be. The same redhead twice in one day. In two separate places. 


What were the odds? The Gods are smiling down on me tonight. Or it was just plain torture because I know this chick will be the death of me. She already has me under some kind of witchy spell. She must be because I came here to get away from her thoughts in my mind and not think about her. But BAM there she is big as life and just as beautiful as ever. I have to think of some way to get her to talk to me. Maybe even come sit with us. 


But first, I had to make sure she didn’t have an old man, so I wasn’t going to poach on some other guy’s girl. If she was alone, then all bets were off, and so were the gloves. 

Blaze knew what he wanted, and it was her. He couldn’t explain it, but something pulled at his insides whenever she was around, all damn day long her face, those eyes, and that body took up residents in his mind. No matter what else was going on. 


That was something he wasn’t used to at all. Only this he didn’t mind. That Angel was probably the only girl in a long time that had really caught his eye. And he wasn’t going to let this luxurious lady slip from his fingertips, not without at least a good try. And maybe not even then.

 Something told him she was his one and only. That scared the Hell out of him. Although his heart never felt more open and freer than he did while looking at her now. 


He needed a plan, something smooth and classy, because she wasn’t like most of the Club Bunnies he was used to being with. No, she was elegant and nothing like those sluts he banged just to get his rocks off. She would need to be treated like the Angel she was. He was just the man for the job. Challenge accepted, little girl. He thought to himself. She was already his, and he didn’t even know her name. But he sure as Hell would find that out and much, much more. He could be patient and let her come to him. No, that wasn’t his style. He was the President of the HELL RIDERS. He was used to being obeyed and not having to ask for a damn thing. 

Somehow though, Blaze knew she would be different. She would give him a fight. Only he loved a good fight and was ready for anything that redhead slung his way. Because in the end, she would be his forever. He didn’t know how or why he knew this, but his whole body told him she was his one. His Muse if you will. The one-woman God made only for him. It was as if he awoke from a lude dream, and she appeared right from this subconscious then swam right over to his side of the pool. 


 What was it that wolf dude from that chick flick called it imprinting? That was how it was as soon as those eyes met him. He only wanted to live for her and her alone. No other woman would do. He knew this now. Maybe if she hadn’t shown up at the club tonight. Then he might have overlooked it, but this feeling after seeing her again was just too damn much to ignore. This time he was listening to it. And not walking away from what might conceivably be the best thing to ever happen to him. She was already his, and she didn’t even know it yet. But she would soon enough. He would make sure of it. This one wasn’t getting away from him. Now or ever!