Landon Trine's latest update for Hiding Among the Stars

May 13, 2016

Hello followers of “Hiding Among the Stars”, thank you for the support.

I’ve been putting off doing this because it feels a bit awkward, but it needs to be done. I’m shutting down the funding for this project for now. I’ve set an end date for five days from now. After that point, this book will go back to “draft” mode and any money you’ve put towards this book will be refunded.

What happened is that the Geek & Sundry hard-sci-fi contest happened. I felt that it was a great chance to gain attention for my other partially written book, “First on Mars,” and I was right. I don’t have enough time to split my attention between two books currently so I felt it’s not fair to continue funding this one.

It’s not the end. I do intend to get back to finishing this book and trying again with a redoubled effort to get this published. When I first started I had just joined Inkshares and had no idea what I was doing. Now I have a slightly better idea ;-)

In fact, I’ve posted Chapter 4: Wodin (a five minute read). Take a look if you’re interested. It was just gathering dust on my hard-drive.

Thanks again for all your support! Don’t give up the Search!