Landon Trine's latest update for Hiding Among the Stars

Mar 14, 2016

Dear Searchers,

I just posted Chapter 3! I’m really proud of it. I will warn you, it involves death, so be prepared! 

Please review/comment/recommend/like/quote my book here on Inkshares - or at least tell me what I’m doing wrong if you can’t recommend me in good faith.  I would be eternally grateful!

I’d also like to give something back to all of you, so I’d like to put a name in the book for all of the first 25 backers. You provide the name! (you, your pet, whatever) I have some names already picked out, but I’m not entirely happy with them. I’m talking not just about people, but about things, buildings, historical figures, and so on... So if you’ve already pre-ordered, please let me know! New pre-orders, also let me know! 

(PS. I reserve the right to veto names which are too ridiculous)