Steve Hermanos's latest update for Going, Going, Gone!

Apr 23, 2020


GOING, GOING, GONE! The final draft of the time-travel baseball novel has been submitted. We are looking to set a publication schedule by the end of this month.

BASEBALL FANATICS, I would LOVE to have an electronic edition of the novel available as soon as possible, to bring many fun hours of this rollicking baseball story to you. It’s especially timely right now, when there are no new games to watch. 

BASEBALL FANATICS, I urge you to grab a baseball (even a tennis ball) and toss it with a friend, or against a wall. We don’t have to get our kicks from watching other people play the game we love, and then whine about not being able to watch. Even for one minute a day, play it!

CONTACTO! (as we used to encourage our teammates stepping up to bat on the baseball fields of NYC): I’m getting some good baseball traction on Instagram, listed under my name. Feel free to email me at I check Facebook every week or so.

THANKS AGAIN to everyone who participated in the successful crowdfunding campaign for GOING, GOING, GONE! Even more than you are, I’m looking forward to holding the book in my hands!

Your baseball-loving friends can pre-order GOING, GOING, GONE! at

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