J. Durbin's latest update for Forty Days

Nov 7, 2015

Hello again! Sorry I've been so quiet for so long. My sprint to get the draft done sort of turned into a marathon on me. There have been times in the last month where it felt kind of like trying to drag a boulder up a flight of stairs, but the finish line is finally in sight! Expect a post that's pretty much a howl of triumph and relief once I cross it.

Inkshares has done some interesting things to their funding model while I was otherwise occupied. It looks like the goalposts for minimum pre-orders have been moved, and now I find I'm at 20% of goal instead of like, 6%. SUDDENLY, HOPE! I jumped into this ride face first with no idea what I was doing and I admit it, and so far, that's been working out about how you'd expect. I am nothing if not stubborn, however, and there are still 29 days left in the funding window for Forty Days.

I want to see this project fund. I want to see it get the attention of a good editor and be able to deliver to all you lovely people the books that you've ordered. I'll be doing my best over the next month to make that happen, so you'll probably be hearing a lot more from me, and as always, I'd love to hear from you! Tell me what I'm doing right/wrong, let me know what stuck with you. Nothing fuels the fire quite like feedback!

Till next time, kids.