Victor Powell
There's nothing like the pressure of having to solve a problem before time runs out and.....well, I guess you'll have to read to find out what happens, huh?
There are some hair raising moments as the doctor makes sense of her situation.  The feeling of not knowing what is going on is fun and I like the rush I felt trying to figure it out too.  I found it difficult to remember the doctor's name without hearing more of her story.  I read that either Daniel was Dr. Jackson's favorite member of the expedition or she was very disciplined about who should be awakened first.  An anecdote from training for the expedition would help bond me to the doctor and give me some idea of what the expedition was supposed to be like.  The more I like the purpose of the expedition the more I'll mourn it's failure with Dr. Jackson.
Jacob Larch
Brilliant writing style and fast, flowing narrative! Hugely enjoyable and looking forward to following this novel!
An Author
Great concept. Killer opening chapter.
Tabi Card
The pitch alone hooked me on this - if you like sci-fi then you need (yes, need!) to check this out!
John Robin
Compelling scifi space adventure, with a forboding ticking timer. Check this out!
Sammy Wilsmore
Filled with raw unfiltered description, you're pulled headfirst into the situation along side Dr Nerana Jackson. A gripping read, highly recommend for fans of mystery and sci-fi.
Leelyn Colclasure
Where do I even start? I had a lump of lead in the pit of my stomach as I came to the same realization the good doctor did. It is am impressive feat for a book to suck me in as far as this one has. I can't wait for another piece!