Landon Trine's latest update for First on Mars

Jul 5, 2016

Hello all!


Great news! I was just interview by the fantastic Nell Walton. Check it out! You might learn something new about me, or (more importantly) about the book.


In case you missed it, First on Mars now has seven great reviews. Here are some highlights:

“I love it. [...]You leave us hanging, desperate to find out more - who would have thought our only hope is Earth - it leaves us so many unanswered questions. Great job.” - Bryn Hagan, author of “The Bully Book

With a three dimensional world and compelling characters, First on Mars draws reader in with it’s narrative structure. [...] this book is sure to delight!- Stephen Carignan, author of “The Sleeping Man

“...It’s accurate, honest and a darn good read.” - Kendra Namednil, author of “Borehole Bazaar

If you haven’t pre-ordered. What are you waiting for? If you have... order another?


You may have noticed Chapter 1 appear in your Inbox. This is because I finally felt it was in pretty good shape – not complete mind you, but at least readable. I plan on sending each chapter after it hits this imaginary benchmark. After completing the draft in this way, I will send it to my beta readers.

Remember, it still needs to get to 100 orders so I can post the next full chapter (in which a lot of crazy stuff happens). So tell your friends. Don’t forget you can get a $10 credit for referring people with a link (through Inkshares, twitter, facebook, or email), using the buttons on the book page.

Author Spotlight

I’d like to give a shout out to Jaye Milius and her book Terminus. It was chosen by two syndicates and it’s a staff pick, but more importantly, it’s just an awesome concept that is nicely executed.