Thomas McCarthy
I definitely can't wait to read more than a snippet.
Jen Elizabeth Rose
Feyside is wonderfully written, fantastic use of detail. Dialogue is easy to follow and engaging. Having illustrations to accompany the story is wonderful, but it's written well enough to give me a colorful picture of the world in my head as I read. Looking forward to getting a more complete picture of the world when the full book comes out!
Thomas J. Arnold
I don't often go for steampunk, but I do enjoy it when done well which this book most definitely does.  With vivid imagery and characterization it is a joy to read.  It also does a wonderful job of subtly interjecting the Otherworld into the more mundane steampunk setting, and a grand job of presenting the magic of the Fae in the manner I most often think of it -both grandiose and subtle at the same time.  I only wish that I had the finished book in my hands right now.
Alan Tucker
Tremendous artistry and depth to this project!
Tony Valdez
The steampunk industrial age meets classical fantasy magic!
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Amazing read
Yicheng Liu
Steampunk and faeries? What else do I really need to say about this book? This is an awesome premise that I'm sure is worth backing. :)
John Robin
Steampunk in an enchanted world. Just love the mood of this story!
S.m. Hillman
Any story dealing with fey realms has to have a fairy tale quality to it and Feyside certainly accomplishes this without being weighed down by it. The characters seem likable and this is important as the dense writing and rich world make it likely we will be with them for a very long time. Details abound to be soaked in while following the journey of these characters to whatever ends await. The writing draws the reader in and keeps him or her immersed in a world full of texture and color and sound. I feel Feyside will make a splendid addition to the libraries of genre fans and those looking for something a little different.