Alexander Zero's latest update for Fear Factory

Jul 2, 2016

Just a quick update, folks. I know, you’re saying "What? Two updates in one week?? How unlike you, AZ!" And you’re right. I am the first to admit, I’m more of a writer than a salesperson. But my greatest supporter, the always awesome, samurai warrior Landon Trine, brought my attention to something that I thought was too cool not to share.

Earlier this week, Inkshares had a blog post in which they invited the current top ten authors in the Nerdist Video games contest to pick one of their OTHER favorite titles. The blog post is here:

I was humbled and honored to discover that, completely unbeknownst to me, Prescott Harvey chose to showcase Fear Factory! Prescott is the author of In Beta, which has the fantastic premise of two NPCs realizing they’re in a video game, then learning how to game the system to make their lives better. You can check out Prescott’s project here:

Prescott’s currently in third and I hope he gets published. If any of you could toss him (or me) a pre-order, it would be much appreciated.  

Hope everyone enjoys their July 4th weekend! May your fireworks be star-spangled and bright --